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Menu - here you will find your profile. You can change cosmetics and implants, as well as see statistics. Settings - game options, such as language changing and disabling sound, can be found here. Customize your character! You can buy new cosmetics and implants so you can defeat your foes with style. There are 5 story mode missions, but more will be added in a future. Every day there will be 3 new missions with varying difficulties in mission mode.

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Now, let’s got to the tutorial so we can get you in shape for combat! Here you will learn the basics to survive the fights that await you in the streets of this city. But first, let’s understand how the interface works: on the top of the screen there are several graphical elements that show information about the characters. To the left is the player’s bar along with how many lives are left. Once the health bar is depleted, the player loses one life. Once all lives are lost, it’s game over.

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DO note that there is a second bar under the health bar. That is the defense bar. It is reduced every time the player successfully blocks an enemy attack and it regenerator while not in blocking stance.
To the right there’s the health bar of the last enemy attacked. When that bar is depleted, the enemy is down.
On the middle there is the pause button. You can use it in most situations to pause the game and change certain settings. In the lower part of the screen, there are commands that control the actions of the character. We will go through them in more detail later.
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Now let’s talk movement. To move the character, touch and drag on the left side pf the screen. The movement stick will appear and remain fixed there until the screen is released. To help with navigation, arrows will indicate the direction to proceed. When an enemy is outside the screen, a red border will indicate on which side it is. You must defeat all enemies in a single area to proceed.
Excellent, now let’s learn how to jump. On the right side of the screen there are action commands. Press the corresponding button to execute a jump. You can use the left stick to move the character during the jump.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • If a mission is too hard to beat, try getting better implants. The better you have, the easier it will get.
  • Now, about combat moves - tap the right side of the screen, but no on the buttons, to execute a move. Tap the top part for a punch and the bottom for a kick.
  • Hitting enemies in quick succession start combos and increase the hit count, resulting in several benefits such as increased score gains per hit. Alternate between punches and kick to vary and extend these.
  • Techniques are powerful moves that require a cooldown time after each use. They can be used to end or even extend combos depending on the situation. Regular moves reduce the cooldown time.
  • You may have noticed that there is a bar on the bottom part of the screen that fills when dealing damage. That is the rage bar. Rage is accumulated whenever the player deals or receives damage.

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Hack cheats tutorial WarDogs(wiki):
As the bar fills, new abilities are unlocked. These moves are called break and they spend an amount of rage equal to the total required to unlock them.
The first break is called Burst spends one third of the bar to interrupt most enemy moves. On top of that, it also extends the time required to continue a combo, making it easier to chain longer sequences of hits.
The second break is called Soothe. It spends two thirds of the bar to give the player a regeneration effect the lasts for a few seconds. It is a powerful tool during a harder fight. Just make sure to use it in the right moment.
The last break is called Smash. It spends all of the rage bar to unleash a single strike. It defeats all the enemies on the screen that aren’t completely invulnerable. Useful to quickly finish encounters with multiple hard enemies. Bosses receive only part of the damage instead.
WarDogs tutorial

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Weapons: Sometimes you will find objects that you can pick up. They can be wielded as temporary weapons to fight your enemies.
To pick it, just walk over it an a simple punch. The weapon will be automatically equipped and its moves will replace the regular punches and kicks for as long as you hold it. Remember that only one weapon can be equipped at a time.
The weapon loses durability on every hit. Once it reaches zero, the next move destroys the weapon, leaving your hands free again. The last hit of a weapon can be recognized by its red glow.
On the top left, you can see the weapon’s durability. If you need to destroy the weapon earlier, simply hold the icon until the break bar is filled.
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