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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Warghs Cheats
1000 rubies - #488kkMBTz
5000 Wibbles - #DoYHkwHYy
off ads - #rxDEeFLp3
unlock characters - #v3ZxVq3y1
Morph essence - #fUZcjrxvT
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1 Month Card code - #dXe21Kvcj
upgrade cheat - #HdmNJBMXe
stars - #SByAJUAmQ
double your income - #ImI9p6jJk
secret combination - #C9IiUEc34
level up - #BsUGrSCDt
unlimited energy - #QEDt3hhnQ
booster - #9PHOm0pf3
special reward - #FBKy5Qirh
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Have you ever wondered if there are other forms of life out there? These are the Warghs, and almost a millennium ago, their planet was nearly destroyed. The Warghs absorb latent energy found in all kinds of matter. But when their population exploded, their planet could no longer sustain their numbers. The Warghs had to discover another way, of face extinction.
And they did. They'd saved their world, but while they were doing so... their scientists ahd discovered many other worlds - mist of them full of life! And most of them suffering severe environmental crises similar to what the Warghs had endured. The Warghs decided to use their expertise to aid these alien species. Ambassadors and scientists would be sent to other inhabited world, to preserve the life there by any means possible. And today...the Warghs arrive!
First round things are essences. Connect 3+ essences of the same color to create a chain! There are 5 basic elements: water, nature, fire, earth, metal. Elements have special interactions with each other. For example, Nature is strong versus Earth. Longer chains are worth more points. back to back chains within 3 seconds create combo multiplier.
Hint & tips
1. Each character has its own elemental strengths and weaknesses. Wylie is a water element type. Of course water is strong versus fire. But water is weak versus earth.
2. You can level up Whirlpool to make it more powerful.
3. Combo a chain of 5 more for a chance at a Morph essence. Use it to connect two different element colors.
Characters & ability
Each character has a special ability. Wylie's whirlpool special ability charges with metal essences. Collect metal essences until the special ability bar is full. Each unit has different elemental powers, levels and skills. Higher level characters have more power. Higher power means more powerful combos, beating opponents, higher scores, hack tools and passing stages. Xp allows your heroes to level up! Earn XP by playing games.
Coins are called Wibbles - are used to buy boosters, leveling up, and other cool things. Rubies - used to buy more powerful items you'll find throughout your adventures. Get Wibbles and rubies Warghs by playing games and completing achievements. You can also buy rubies and exchange them for wibbles at the shop or use Warghs cheat code.
Patch Version
Warghs Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date04 September 2020
Last Modified04 September 2020
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