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Free hack Warhammer Chaos Conquest cheats code list - commanders, skill points, speed up, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Warhammer Chaos Conquest cheat world: so, you are the one the Gods have whispered of. I am Cheat-on, the world walker, and i have been sent to see if you are indeed the great chaos lords some believe you to be. But i do not see holdings worthy of the Gods! Rocks, dirt and a pitiful few Warlords? Seek the chaos dwarfs living in these mountains - there is work to be done! Your armies require food and we must have wood to build with. We shall see to these at once.

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Each time you complete the will of the the Gods, you shall be granted a reward! Claim these boons regularly, and use these gifts to help with the construction of your fortress. Great knowledge can be unlocked within the sorcerer’s citadel. Completing rituals will allow your fortress and armies to thrive beyond imagining. Knowing the power of your enemy is key to defeating them. Command your sorcerers to study the scouting ritual, to improve your ability to seek out weaknesses in your foes.

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