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Free hack Warhammer Chaosbane cheats code list - legendary items, full version, skill, promo ticket, credits, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Warhammer Chaosbane cheat world: there was a time an Emperor ruled in Nuln, and the Empire was at peace. but that was long before you were born. Soldiering is the only life you’re ever known. Your father was a swordsman in service to the elector count of Reikland. By the time you were fifteen he was dead, and his sword and armor passed to you. You’ve lost count of the number of battles you’ve fought. SOme were victories, others defeats. Most were fought over the same barren hills and empty villagers, year after year.
You rose through the ranks, replacing men who’d fallen along the way. Then came the news of the chaos invasion. Panicked Reiklanders spoke of the end of the world, and you feared they were right. With the empire divided, who could stand against Kul and his horde? But then a nobleman from the old Imperial capital of Nuln stepped into the breach. His name was Magnus, and be called upon the warring Elector counts to stand as one and drive back the Chaos horde.

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You expected no one to listen. But this time was different. Magnus’s message spread like wildfire across the Empire. Within weeks, you and your company were on the march, joining the growing army as it headed north. Not even a lifetime of battles could prepare you for the nightmare that waited at Kislev. Just when all seemed lost, Magnus and his knights launched a desperate charge against the Chaos warlord and his bodyguards. Surrounded, you and your men held back the horde until Asavar Kul had Fallen. It was the company’s greatest victory, and its last. By the time the battle was over, you were the only one left.
Once the dead were buried you accepted Magnus’s invitation to join his retinue and return with him to Nuln. After the horrors you witnessed at Kislev, defending the empire from its foes is the only battle worth fighting anymore.

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Characters: Imperial soldier - a true bastion against chaos, Vollen uses his shield and military strategies to turn his enemies’ power against them. The more his attackers try to overwhelm him, the more effective he becomes, decimating hordes of the wretched creatures with formidable counter attacks.
Konrad Vollen, the Scarred, is a veteran of the mighty armies of the Empire and has known only war. Cynical and contemptuous, he is unrivalled in the art of combat.

High elf mage - elven magic is known to be among the most dangerous weapons in skilled hands. And Elontir wields it with rare dexterity. Adept at discharging torrents of pure magic and storms of fire on to his enemies, he is able to combine his powerful spells to control his opponents, thus devastating their ranks with ease.
The high elf Prince Elontir was exiled from Ulthuan and now travels the Old World in search of redemption. Proud and arrogant, he has become a master in the magical arts.

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Slayer - are formidable fighters who constantly seek tougher duels and ever more dangerous opponents. Bragi is one such slayer and certainly among the toughest. The longer the battle, the fiercer his rage, which fuels the strength of his blows as he cuts through hordes of enemies and withstands their attacks.
A Slayer lives - and dies - for glory and redemption. Honourable and fierce, Bragi Axebiter never shies away from a fight with the most dangerous he encounters.

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