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To win, defeat the enemy warlord using your bodyguards. Use your attack to reduce the enemy wounds to 0. A ranged attack is your best more here. After each round, the attacks you didn’t choose get buffed.
Your deck - must have a warlord, and can include bodyguards. Warlord Captain Acheran - when you deploy a space marine card, this commander (whether deployed or not) gains +10 wounds.

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Your warlord has improved his wounds stat because of his special rule. Every heroes has a special rule - tap its icon to see what it does. Cards which can’t attack will perform a “ready” action. Remember, all cards fight each round. Cards attack the card opposite them, or the centre card if no-one’s opposite them.

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The devs gave a turn gauge to all heroes. This blue stripe grants them vast opportunities in battle. It fills up depending on the hero’s speed. We completed the first quest! behold the dragon’s treasures, awarded for your glorious deeds! My kin guard riches untold. Do you have what it takes to obtain them all? You’re a promising one!
Your champion’s path has just begun, and i will always be there for you, if only in your mind. Once you reach level 4, i’ll introduce you to the envoy of the eternal homes of the pandas.
Warhammer Combat Cards wiki
YOu can equip warlords with different items that suit them. Once you collect all 6 items, you’ll gain an gear level. You’ll get some secondary stats when you reach the higher gear levels. After that, you’ll be able to collect a new item set. Make sure to keep track of each character and equip them with up to date items to increase their power.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Complete daily objectives to earn experience and rank up.
  • The shop inventory is refreshed several times a day. Make sure to visit the game often!
  • Rarity does not equal power, just how likely you are to get that card.
  • Battle AI decks to win greats prizes. Each campaign requires mastery of a different faction. Campaigns rotate every week so check back regularly.
  • Remember, you can include allies in your deck to build a strategy.

Warhammer Combat Cards tips
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Focus on positioning when using cards with the precision shot trait. Pay attention to whose turn it is. Attack timing can be critical. YOur deck’s initiative determines whether you go first or second. Ork technology works simply because the Orks believe it should. The imperial war machine can call on billions of soldiers and tanks.
Warhammer Combat Cards tutorial

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