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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Warhammer Quest Cheats
20 summoning stones - #HVDa7pCSY
10000 gold - #BlshyhKeH
500 experience - #TwmFI4Jwd
level cap +100 - #ErzSeiEap
legendary champion - #9RfYj95sb
god’s weapon - #6mtDSzeUq
1 Month Card code - #xtOmDIiMC
upgrade cheat - #ElQw2jYnS
adventurer’s starter pack - #FLcpI2V3c
Treasure Chest - #ptvcxsAV4
secret combination - #vKl6Eey2k
level up - #XXAmDd7rV
booster - #nt87li1Y9
sweep ticket - #JIIHrYh2x
artifact - #qhNmW0I2h
runes - #Zycjx1OHW
skins - #l09s6hIgP
special reward - #9Avi3Iw90
How & Where enter
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Warhammer Quest Story
The silver tower is the chaotic and dangerous lair of the Hideous gaunt summoner. Champions from across the mortal realms enter this cursed place. All have their reasons, honour, glory, vengeance, or even to gain the favour of the gods themselves. They must survive deadly trials and seek out the eight pieces of the chaos amulet...then confront.
Character bars show actions and health. Your champion have green health bars. Tap on your champion now. Moving to a blue tile uses 1 action. Moving to a yellow tile uses 2 actions. Tap to select a tile, then tap again to move. Enemies on Red tiles can be attacked. Attacking uses 1 action. Tap to select an enemy, then tap again to attack. Press the end turn button to complete your turn.
Tap on your champion to see details of their weapons, skill and other attributes.
Warhammer Quest Class
The knight questor is a melee champion. After an attack, melee champions have a 40% chance to use death blow to attack again. He has the thunder charged strike skill. The thunder charged strike skill has a line attack. Attack all enemies on a line of red tiles. Tap once to select and again to confirm. Collect XP and alliance tokens to level up your champions. Level up your champions to make them more effective in combat. Magic champions gain range and damage every turn. Melee heroes can perform multiple hits with deathblow.
1. Did you know? Beyond level 10, champions will need alliance tokens to level up.
2. Tweak has a gift for you every day in the store. Make sure you log in.
3. Check out the gold store for new weapons and boons.
5. Use summoning stones to summon new champions to the silver tower. Summoning stones can be earned by completing blot's challenge. Summon a chaos hound. Drag the green tile to change location. Tap once to select and again to confirm.
Patch Version
Warhammer Quest Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date09 September 2020
Last Modified09 September 2020
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