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It is the 42nd Millenium. Cadia has fallen, the Great rift has split the galaxy and the forces of chaos lay siege to the imperium. Roboute Guilliman, A Primarch Returned, has launched the Indomitus Crusade to turn the tide. Your crusade fleet has reclaimed many lost worlds. But your enemy knows nothing of surrender. Outnumbered on all sides, you have become stranded in the dark imperium. Lost in the darkness, You must continue the crusade and find a way to return to the light of the emperor.

Warhammer 40000 Lost Crusade hack

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Our fleet suffered heavy losse and we were forced to make an emergency warp jump. As you can see, we have docked with an unidentified orbital platform to carry out vital repairs. First, we must establish a fule supply to keep the fleet operational. You can order servitors to build a promethium refinery to ensure that there is a consistent supply of fuel. We need to garrison more space marines to protect the battle barge, order the servitors to build a vanguard barracks. Construction complete, the finest warriors of humanity are now at your disposal. Give the order to assemble a unit now.

Warhammer 40000 Lost Crusade cheats, hack codes

Many allied ships have not yet translated back into real space and may be stranded in the warp. Launch a warp rescue from the administratum outpost. Assign heroes into the rank of regular forces to boost their combat strength. The tech priests will analyze the combat data and relay the report back to you.
The fleet need metal resources, please select a location to build an Ferratonic Furnace.
Commander, the content displayed on your data slate is a restoration plan for the fleet. It has several phases, and each phase contains a number of key missions. You need to invest manpower, resources and materials to begin setting it in motion.
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Please click your data state to view the missions which needs your attention. Please authorize the battle barge upgrade. Tactic points allow heroes to unleash their special abilities on the battlefield, command this hero to attack the enemy with his special ability.
You can use combat data to improve the combat capabilities of your heroes. Combat data can only be obtained through expeditions. It can be applied through the hero menu. Our forces have yet to fully explore this region of space. Send out more troops on an expedition to obtain more combat data.

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The vanguard veteran is the close quarter combat expert within a space marine chapter. Chaos cultist - chaos worshipping mortals with rudimentary automatic weapons. Their sheer numbers make them ideal cannon folder. Space marine - who have fallen under the temptation of Chaos, they use boltguns to shred those who stand in their way.
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