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Greetings foolish champion! I am Tweak. My lord has sent me to aid you. Characters bars show actions and health. Your character have green health bars. Tap on your champion now! Moving to a blue tile uses 1 action. Moving to a yellow tile uses 2 action. Tap to select a tile, then tap again to move. Enemies on red tiles can be attacked. Attacking uses 1 action. Press the end turn button to complete your turn.
Your hero - Sathius Brazenclaw (knight questor) - a shield for the mortal realms, he undertakes great quests. Slaying terrible enemies or recovering powerful artefacts that might swing the tides of war.

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hack Warhammer Quest Silver Tower android Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Select follower: Tap on your champion to see details of their weapon, skill and other attributes. The knight questor is a melee champion. After an attack, melee champions have a 40% chance to use death blow to attack again. Ranged units use unused actions to attack in the enemy turn. End your turn and watch your ranged hero in action!

cheat Step #2: Use summoning stones to summon new champion to the silver tower. Scrolls increase your player level. It's in the top left of the menu screen. The higher your defnece stats are, the more damage you will stop on a defended hit.

code Step #3:Ranged heroes can interrupt enemy moves with a reaction shot. Critical hits are more likely with rare and epic weapons. Check out the gold store for new weapons and boons.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower android Step #4: Use skill: Thunder charged strike - a bolt of lightning strikes anything in a 4 tile line, dealing huge damage.
Chaos Hound - summons a chaos hound to gnash and tear at his foes, disappears after 2 turns.

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  • 2. Did you know? Beyond level 10, champions will need alliance tokens to level up.
  • 3. Finish a stage with more than 40% team health to earn 3 scrolls.
  • 4. Portal stones can be earned by completing blot's challenge.
  • 5. Tweak has a gift for you every day in the store, make sure you log in!
  • 6. Do not hold back against your enemy! Fill the overkill bar to receive overkill bonus.
  • 7. Skill is activate if the character is moved into the correct position.
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