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Following victory on D-day, the tide went out red. it is the martyrs of Omaha Beach that we take the fight back to Raven.
it’s you, sir! in today’s D-day operation, you dealt Raven a heavy blow. Your line actions will not be forgotten. I once commanded the biggest army this world has seen.
Though Raven met bitter defeat, their soldiers are well equipped and highly trained. Their territory covers most regions of the world and they are as cruel as they come. It’s time to return to the frontline, liberate cities and drive Raven out!

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many battles have been lost to the enemy. Which war zone do you suggest we choose?
Los Angeles - in Los Angeles, Raven’s gun toling soldiers are lurking around everywhere. The Raven despot here likes locking up people’s “freedom” inside the city. All roads leaving the city are full of barbed wire, landmines, and watchtowers. The locals can only use radios to call for help from outside the city.
Cairo - after Raven announced it had occupied Cario, this became Africa’s sole battleground to resist the invasion. Allied commander in chief came here to support resistance groups. About 100000 locals formed a guerilla force to launch a joint military operation with the allied army codenamed “Zero day cooperation”. If “Zero day” fails, the locals will fall completely into Raven’s clutches.

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A brave choice. You will soon set out upon a mighty crusade. I have complete faith in your courage, sense of duty and fighting skills. I trust your wisdom will help you win ultimate peace and victory!
We must establish a base to increase our chances of reclaiming Raven territory. Our command center is well equipped to meet our needs and will support us when the going gets tough in enemy territory.
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Soldiers are essential for protecting our base. High command has contacted nearby resistance groups to help us establish a Guerilla troop. We must recruit units and max Guerilla troops to defend us against the threat of raven forces. Training requires the right amount of time to be executed properly. We need to rebuilt the base, bolsted our defenses and repair the barracks.

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  • Build the engineering company - we can produce our own weapons of war and greatly increase the efficiency of our base.
  • We must put our resources towards base repairs and resuming production. We must do everything we can to save workers and provide the locals with jobs, paying them with basic food and clothing. Times of war call for such action.
  • Divide your troops to launch simultaneous strikes or coordinate with allies to surround strategic strongholds.

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  • 40mm Bofors - swedish medium caliber anti aircraft gun favored by allied and axis powers boasting outstanding performance.
  • Zis-3 - inexpensive and reliable soviet gun used widely by the soviet army and given great merit on the great patriotic war against nazi germany.

Gather blueprints to construct more powerful weapons. Harvest resources and levy taxes to support your operations.
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