Cheats hack Warpath code:draw, gold, resources, energy, arms coupons, premium troops, codes Warpath Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Warpath hack android, ios code

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Hack Warpath: cheat List
draw x10 - use hack RLRP6Cw7F
gold x3000 - enter pass 6K5AoVHQo
resources x1000 - fdqNej47q
premium troops x5000 - FwQSZpJ84
energy x300 - Meq5TZfIf
arms coupons x70 - vkUqc2t4m
Month Card x1 code - SFpCx7gQM
upgrade cheat - u4C7gWZJY
daily gift bag x10 - GdbXeIehZ
secret combination - vckHEts71
level up - 0qUXXpP53
special reward - qfhOWGFVF
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Nations are crippled by economic decline as Raven feasts on war and destruction. But a young soldiers believes courage is enough to restore good to the world. My officers report that you're a fine young soldiers, top of your military academy. I hope you'll live up to these reports when you're out on the battlefield. I will assist you with your troops and missions.
Warpath Hack Basics
Our base is finally built, fitted with the latest communications equipment. We've received a telegram from high command that requires your attention. High command is sending in an airdrop so we'll be battle ready in no time. We now have ample resources to train our troops at barracks. Recruiting requires time to be executed properly. Our combat troops are ready for battle. Defeat Raven to earn wood, cement and I-Beams for base construction. Use wood planks to build more barracks. We can equip ourselves with advanced units to replace less powerful units. We must increase our arms EXP to perform unit upgrades.
Hint & Tips
1. If we keep resources and building materials rolling in, we'll build a mighty fine base in no time. Now you can enlist new units to strengthen your army. Your armament chests are ready to equip you with powerful arsenal.
2. If you get your hands on arms coupon, come see shop. No arms coupons, no weapons.
3. Don't forget to recruit each time you deploy new arsenal.
4. I've drawn up a detailed plan for our base which i do hope meets your expectations. if we stick to this plan, our base will soon provide us with all the support we will need for the bitter war against Raven. Completing chapter missions greatly increases your strength.
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Warpath Redeem gift code
1. CznM7ILtRNYdBn6
2. UHl4IzAyqyoLl7O
3. UtDhYCyepJubdef
4. uk6cfZETbIJctb5
5. YIfnsHGKYRkHeS3
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date03 October 2020
Last Modified03 October 2020
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