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Warplanes WW2 Dogfight cheat world: the year is 1942, more countries are becoming gears in the marching war machine. RAF high command has established a new, top secret squadron for the most dangerous and special tasks. The new squadron leader is heading to the base to take command of this unit.
Control: press accelerator button to activate plane steering. Tilt your device to turn the plane. Enemy planes are marked by yellow markers. Look for them and get close to them.

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight hack

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You may use accelerate button to speed up. Target enemy plane. When plane is close and in front of you press and hold lock button. Shoot down enemy plane. Hold lock button and press fire button.
You did a great job with enemy fighters. We still don't know how they found us, the location of this base is top secret. I'm glad we have you. I'm sure you'll make an excellent squadron leader.

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I'd like to walk you through the base, but there is no time right now. Your pilots are boarding the bombers as we speak. Join them immediately. I'll brief you in just a moment. Our intelligence has discovered the location of an enemy fuel dump. They are vital for their presence in the area. One simple strike will give us a tactical advantage for weeks. Proceed with the mission flight leader, and good luck.

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I hope that you feel the controls of the bomber are as good as on the fighter. Press accelerator button to activate plane steering. Now gently guide the plane over a target and order the crew to drop the bombs. Your targets are marked with yellow diamons. Approach them. And of course, enjoy the view.
A solo mission may be spectacular but they are dangerous and rare. Often, you will need multiple planes to coordinate the attack and achieve your mission goals. The next task requires a bomber and a fighter for escort. I will show you how to manage it.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: make a corner shaped line out of five same type chips and see what happens. We've just made a bomb! Move it towe currently have two planes at the base. The fighter wasn't part of the last mission, so it's you who must order the crew to prepare the plane for the flight. You may control any plane during the mission. To change plane press planes button then press plane icon in the planes list. From the planes list window you may give orders to your other planes. Just use icons to activate their attacks on different targets. Use bomber to destroy AA guns. Use fighter to destroy all enemy fighters. Switch between planes when needed.

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Tutorial (wiki): enemy HP shows when in range of your cannons. One workshop can only repair one plane in one day. If you have more planes to repair, build more workshops. Smaller bomb lead reduces fuel consumption. Give orders to your planes. Learn silver quarantee skill first to maintain silver income. Beware of ballon cables. They can shred your plane into pieces. Use rockets against ground vehicles and AA guns.
let's talk about resources, as they are crucial to managing your base. You can manage them with the supply officer who us also under your command. If you run out of one of resource, you may always exchange them in here to get others. This is particularly helpful when you are low on fuel and have to fly on a mission. As you can see, there are current exchange rates on the arrows, just interact with them to order an exchange of resources.

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight  hacked Instructions: To house more planes and pilots you will need to expand your base. I will inform you every time expansion is needed. However, you are to decide when and how many AA cannons and barrage ballons you wnat to have. Premium tokens hack - tokens can give you many instant advantages like instant healing or repairing, upgrades, gold multiply ect. It's good to have a few of them. Finish daily challenges, watch ads or head to the shop to get tokens. However you can greatly reduce costs buy learning useful commander skills. Those skills can be learned by gaining prestige points, which are earned for each successful comletion of a mission.

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