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Free hack Wars of Seignior cheats code list - gold, mana, tools, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Wars of Seignior cheat world: Arles by no means allows these deserters to destroy the villagers and is bound to stop them. This is our crystal, once destroyed, the battle will fail. Be sure to protect the crystal. The green area is our troop place,ent area for the deployment of combat units. Your opponent - the leader of deserters harassing the village, be sure to beat him.

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Mana will increase by 1 and refill every 9 seconds. Hand - cards with green highlight can be played when you. Tap the card to view details, long press to view skill tips. Use crystal skill to greatly increase combat power. COn be used in every fight.

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Grandlad - where all kinds fight for and many heroic deeds spread here. ANd the story of Arles begins here. Card skills description: war cry - triggered upon deploy; holy shield - block any damage once; taunt - opponent must attack this unit; flash can be placed anywhere in the battlefield.

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Cards: refired swordsman - comes to help out, drag it onto the battlefield and they instantly fights for you. The numbers on top of the HP bar represent attack and HP. Bowman - is a high damage dealing long range minion. Send him in to grind down your enemies. Freeze - is a spell control card which can freeze your enemy. Note the range of the card, it must be dragged onto the target. Emperor's statue - an item card which can enhance your friendly troops. Note the location of deployment, so that the backfield will not be destroyed by the enemy too quickly.

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