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Free hack Warship Legend Idle cheats code list - weapon core, routine point, materials, promo ticket, senior purchase, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Warship Legend Idle cheat world: welcome to the 23rd Navy base, commander. Your apply of purchase has been accessed. Please follow me to accept the new ship. You have 5 free purchase chances everyday. Also, it's possible to get a high quality warship if you are lucky enough. Why don't you try senior purchase. Almost of the best warships can be bought here. With such a powerful warship, i believe the next battle will be simpler. You have accepted 2 warships. It's time to return to the John Turlington base.

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Please set your formation before leaving. Sir, set the new ships into formation, so that you can review their performance during the battle. I suggest you set the aircraft carrier in the back row, to adjust new and changing situations. You can add the leadership skill. It's important to choose your leadership strategy before the battle. It's our first sailing path, when idle starts, resources will harvested automatically.

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When aircraft carrier joined the battle you have to scramble the air supremacy. Tap this buff, which will help us gain the upfront advantage. You can see the tactical value in a battle. With enough tactical value you can release a powerful leadership skill. You have mastered the essentials to fight. But this journey won't be that easy, please strengthen your warship in time. It costs just some warship experience and gold to improve performance comprehensively.

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Of course, it's feasible to optimize part of the equipment. Resources it requires can be acquired from idle or other features. Different waters have different loot. Weapon core - it will help us modify our weapons. It's a very effective weapon modification material, which can improve our power quickly. According to the storage limit, idle reward can be only stored for 8 hours at most. Our system will remind you to claim in time.

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