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Well done! You’ve earned tickets to progress on the bounty track. Go claim your reward! Play ranked matches to win tickets and unlock awesome bounties! The higher your level, the more rewards you’ll get! Characteristics are important to understand how units act on the field. Atribute list: damage, attack speed, range, lasso stun duration, card cooldown, damage per second, hit points, targets, lasso range. Use vials cheat code to upgrade your troops.

WarWest hack

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Troops you own appear highlighted on the left. You can unlock new troops in the game, or purchase it with thune or gleem. Slot the cards that compose your hand. These are the 6 cards you will play in match. To modify your hand, drag a card. Enough talking, a fight awaits you! protect your tower against the outlaw waves as long as possible. Blue - player’s spawn and spell zone.

WarWest cheats, hack codes

Your goal is to destroy your opponent’s buildings. Deploy your troops in the blue area. Troops deployment costs extract. After deploying a hero, its card will go on cooldown. You will not be bale to use it unti it’s refreshed. Resist as long as you can to get the best time! Card cooldown is shown in game as a blue bar above your cards.
Did you notice that you’ve played different matches? WarWest is a competitive world that offers a multiple of game modes.
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Menu - here, you can choose the league then the mode that you prefer. For each match there’s a leaderboard. Each league has its system of divisions. After each match, you win or lose badges, which makes you progress in the league. Each day, you collect rewards according to your current division. Each league corresponds to a different play style. Duel - solo agains another player. Arena - in team against other opponents. Solo - against the outlaws. Siege: resist against the outlaws as long as possible to get the best time.

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