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Booting up instructiona behaviour protocols.... I am instructor service bot cheat-on. Let's complete some matches for practice first to get you ready for battle. Letme teach you an easy strategy: try to place units with high durability in the front to protect your lighter units. For example unit who speciauses in damagingyour enemies buildings it has very high durability. Now drag the bunker buster card from your hand to the playfield. Now place your ATVs right behind your buster bunker. This way our marder are protected and can deal some heavy damage, in turn protecting your buster bunker. Acknowledging players performance... Very good, meatbag. Now use your earned knowledge to destroy the enemies base building. warzone clash of generals: card attributes

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Protocol beta-7 violation detected. You tried to play a card without having enough energy? The cost of each card is displayed in its top left corner. You cannot play a characters card if you do not have enough energy. Attributes character card: health, speed, deploy time, unit amount, damage, range and fire rate. Marder – four lightly armored buggies with gatting guns that can attack air and groud units. Quick, mean and perfect to destract your enemies. Jaguar tank card – heavily armoured tank with a real tank killer weapon. Perfect balance between protection and damage. I just has two drawbacks: it can't fire at air units and does no area damage. Protector drone – cheap, quick and AI-controlled ground drones with electic cutters. Short ranged, but with a surprisingly high damage. Perfect for surrounding big units and chip them down. warzone clash of generals: power mighty laser cannons

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Do you see the 3 platforms in the middle of the battlefield? Those are used to power mighty laser cannons and allow whoever controls them to drop units there. To use there yu need to conquer two adjacent platforms. It's quite easy: just your ground units to them and they will do the rest. But watch your enenmy! He will also try to get these platforms, so better be quick. You can drop your units on these platforms and the laser cannon has enough power to attack your enemies bunkers to support you in your fight. But watch out, your enemy will try to gain control over platforms, so do not forget to defend them properly.

Gear of the same grade will have stronger powers if you match the chemistry. More team members mean more gold at the battleground. Use balista to stop the advacing enemies. Make a team with your own characters. Pulse marine – this elite marine comes with a quick fire pulse rifle that fires a flurry of six bullets in the face of his enemy before he has to reload. This burst damage makes him the perfect 1us 1 specialist. Ciw AA – a pair of light armoured vehicles with devastating 20MM gatling cannons that can fire at ground and air units. Drone controller – this vehicle is a facory on tracks. It continously produces protector ground drones and dishes out damage with it's 30mm autocannon at air and ground units. It is a perfect second row vehicle.

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1. GvDDd31Wbe - credits
2. cMKb3rl12q – squad box
3. TOHbhbNZHN – new card
4. bZWWtKGAO6 – loot boxes
5. 3mE8j3zTfO – level up
6. 0OwBI41wRY - medals
7. LbFi78gmm0 - evolve
8. 9UOhuXJ1ng – apk mode

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