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Free hack Wasteland Ninja cheats code list - gold, energy, weapons, promo ticket, power ups, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Wasteland Ninja cheat world: you're up! Thank godness! Of course, you can be here, that means you are very excellent, physically and mentally. Um, sorry, i forgot to give an introduction. Here is Star of Wasteland, also can be called star of Hope. I was brough here by a disorganized space wormhole four yeas ago, just like you. I am from x98 galaxy, we have a lot in common with you humans.

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But our people have a long tail. I'm Cheat-on, you can call me commander. First please allow me to introduce this place. many years ago, we were hunted and brought here. Most people died due to the harsh living environment. Just a few people survived, but thry never gave up their hope. Through many years of efforts survivors built bases against the enemy in this place. And also built an organization called ninja, which helps to ignite hope in our cause.

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We have the same belies and goal here, we want to get back to our home. Actually there are something i need you to do for me. before that, you need learn some battle skills. First put on the power shoes which can freeze ait instantly to allow you to jump and cope with the enemy in the air. Collect enough energy to unlock flight mode for your power shoes.

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And this ricochet gun! Its bullets can ricochet off walls! It's damage will be reduced after a ricochet, though...Go to the endless Loop field to clear some annoying scrap iron. Base - you can enter the waiting hall and loop field by portal ay time you want. battlefield - here's the planet on which we live. I'll help you locate the target. When you're ready, i'll teleport you there.

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