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“titan”, our warfare mecha, has been badly damaged. Many resources and lots of time are needed to repait it. Use this abandoned shelter as a temporary hideout.
Master, do you hear those explosions in the distance? It sounds like another shelter nearby has been destroyed! If this abandoned shelter is found, we’ll be finished!
Our Warfare mecha is completely useless for the time being, but we can’t just resign ourselves to defeat!

Wasteland Lords hack

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Drag me to the power hub so we can start generating power! Cobalt - followers have grown considerably after he installed a mobile wifi hotspot in his body. VEHWbkdJnO - you may assign heroes to work at cement plants to improve their production. Press, hold, and drag a hero to the building. hNAyyLd8wL - shelter level pack hack: have a level power hub in your shelter in order to open this pack filled with wonderful rewards. xrNUBsQ8MW - engineer robot: recharges the second building queue.

Wasteland Lords cheats, hack codes

1. LRhULOITkx - level up
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Buildings: 73nbA0eITP - Rocketeer barracks: trains rocketeers, a fast moving airborne troop capable of dealing high damage to enemy tanks.
Asm6v1P2Jr - infantry barracks: trains infantry, defensive troops suitable for protecting back row troops.
EgeOS4CR49 - cannery: produces food mainly used for training troops.
93KFXH21C8 - produces cement mainly used for constructing buildings.
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dmVv0Xwu3K - event gift coupons: grant 100 event gift coupons. Gift coupons may be exchanged for items in the gift coupons exchange. VgwP0rrE5X - collect 100 excavation tool sections to craft excavation toolkit. 4ltk9nxvXu - cannery boost: double cannery production. yAnLd3UkVk - shelter time booster: use to shorten time required to complete shelter related matter (building, tech, soldier, ordnance, wounded, etc). Server teleport machine - use to teleport your shelter across servers to another wasteland zone. You must leave your clan and recall all troops before using.

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6 Hc8GaxDNij gold coins
7 pTkRFBogwC month card
8 ocsgzqhzim premium pack
9 lGo4eVGVUN resources
10 PjGrLegDUx vip ticket
11 tNY4yof4Ii gear pack

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Events: wasteland rookie, rookie awards, enter the storm and gift coupon exchange. Coupon hack code - i0K85WQSo9. YOu’ll earn one reward medal for every quest. Reward medals will be sent via mail once event is over. Gift coupons exchange: hero data, experience, gear guide, reset strategy, vulnerable cement, vip status. Strategy point cheat - WZORSP6TPL, power up - 3xB9r8TUph.
Wasteland Lords  tutorial

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Items: Excavation toolkit - this toolkit is used automatically when a rally is successful in clearing the ruins. Code FPW3rSOOwL - Grants additional treasure chests. Cheat xetDOJoqvd - shelter level pack: congratulations on upgrading your shelter, please accept this pack filled with extra rewards in return. qLoF3iZYhU - server teleport machine. Codes QnA8s8tYVZ - ordering rewards hack. Dear lords, game public test is going to be available in Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong first. The ordering goal of 50000 players has been achieved. We present ordering rewards with sincerely appreciate. Wasteland Lords Activation CODE:
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