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that day was the day when everything returned to nothing. The order of civilization was annihilated with only a lucky few surviving the catastrophe. Decades passed, and governments ceased to exist long ago. Now all that remains are tribal gangs wandering and fighting on this wasteland. The law of the jungle now reigns: only the strong survive. The strongest among the tribal gangs is the Sons of Death. Their lair is the fortress with best defense and most resource in the entire continent - Tanators city, and their master is the infamous General Kroy, known as the Skullcrusher. For years this bloodthirsty tyrant has been plaguing this wasteland with his iron fist. Your tribe, like other weak tribes has been suffering under the tyrant’s oppression all these years barely surviving in the remote regions with scare resources. Not long ago, however you received the report from your spy in Tanators city, that Kroy suddenly had gone missing and the Sons of Death were on the brink of infighting. Since the beginning of human history whenever a dictator is removed from the throne, the vacuum of power he left behind always leads to struggle and turmoil. The impregnable defense and rich resource of Tanators city will soon be the prize for cotesting factions. The reign of chaos will be upon us soon and with it comes the chance for you to conquer this land. Deeply bogged in infighting the Sons of death cannot afford to take care of scattered resistance for now. It’s time for you to select a region and start your uprising.

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Select zone: Ash lands - were once known as Brankaloda, a beautiful name for once a thriving, boundless rainforest, until an early eruption of the dormant volcano nearby was triggered by the war. As plants and animals were devoured by lava, the razed Brankaloda was completely shrouded in volcanic ash, which has also sealed the fate of whatever creatures hoped to survive the catastrophe.
Cheats codes zone, Icefield - sparsely populated and covered by snow throughout the year, this was the area least affected by the war. Few humans were resilient enough to have adapted to this harsh land. However, the contamination of war came in the form of polluted snow. The fish were the first to die, then the animals preying on aquatic creatures became extinct one after another. Frozen animal carcasses are everywhere on the icefield.
Crimson hill - one of the main stone quarries in the world, gained its name for the color of its earth and rock due to the rich one reservoir. After a great deal of mining, and the entire hillscape being damaged in war, it has somehow become a relatively flat land.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. We should take opportunity to expand our territory and develop our alliance. Expeditions require heroes to lead troops. Please go to recruit. The troops must defeat the defenders in a territory in order to capture it.
  • 2. After defeating the defenders, the territory will come under our alliance. Territory can provide us with a variety of resource bonuses. (need resource? Use cheats) Only when there is a connected territory can an expedition order be issued. Currently, this territory can issue an order for invasion and occupation of surrounding territories.
  • 3. Troops can return to the base to heal their wounded troops and preserve their combat power. The unit will directly determine the attack of the troops. Please keep this in mind.
  • 4. There is a mutual count relation between troops. Make good use of the counter relation to gain more advantages.
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