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A fallen knight is at your disposal. Basic weapons - bow and sword. All you need is to kill skeletons, break barrels, look for hidden passages. In an attack, you can use a second weapon - a bow, which deals damage and slightly throws the enemy back. Each attack consumes stamina, which is replenished over time. Want infinite stamina? Enter the cheat code Watcher Chronicles DwR9Za41z from the hack panel. Carefully examine all passages for chests with loot. There may be excellent weapons, armor, resources to improve the character and much more.

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1. sfbfoj4K4 - May reward
2. l1wqBC493 - 5000 umbra
3. 3Vl8BhMmY - 1000 gems reward
4. sX5DarscA - artifact
5. tD24p1qe1 - daily reward
6. YcKPtarnj - monthly reward
7. G57KqelJ1 - skins
8. DqRX8meKM - evolve
9. ozZ5A12R4 - 20 health potions
10. HnQV3turI - treasure chest

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