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Great! You must be the prophesied savior who will save us from the dragons. We have been ruled by these dragons for fat too long. You might be new to our animal world.
Don’t know how to defeat the Dragons? THat’s because you don’t know you abilities yet. Prophecies are never wrong. They say you will unite all the splitted animal tribes, gather all the animals. And you can tame young Dragons.
I have some private favors to ask. The world is very chaotic now, robbers often come to rob us. Can i have some of your team to protect us for a little while? We will provide our special local product as a thank you.

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Please let me introduce our world to you. Water well - it will continuously supply water to use after we occupied it, even when we are offline. Water is essential to many things in this world.
The battle is round based and fully automatic. Each hero attacks in turn ordered by their speed. Must defeat all ordered by their speed. Must defeat all enemies within 15 rounds to win. Attacking or being attacked will gain energy. When the energy is full, powerful active skills will be released.
There is the tavern there. Let’s see who is in it. You are the savior in the Prophecy. Heroes will join us.

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I am so happy to have new heroes joining us! It seems the Prophecy is true. You really can lead us to defeat dragons! I want to go home and tell my mom the good news! Let’s continue to occupy more resources on the way! Gold mine - once we occupy it, gold will be continuously provided to us. Gold is essential to upgrade us animals.
Before the battle, you need to know that heroes attack targets according to positions. The default target is position 1. So position 1 should have the one that can take most damages.
Waterhunt Tribe wiki
Heroes will attack position 1 by default. Let’s claim all the resources the miners supply. Miners supply idle rewards every minute and can accumulate for up to 8 hours here. Remember to claim it regularly.
We have enough resources to upgrade our levels now. Upgrade will enhance our strength. Occupy more gold mines to get more gold. We can upgrade faster.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • At most 6 heroes in a battle.
  • After occupation, resources are produced continuously every minute.
  • Each animal has 5 classes. Heroes can transfer into another class of the same animal.
  • Animals' Bonds will greatly improve their strength.
  • Upgrade heroes' level to have more attributes, and unlock powerful passive skill. Passive skills are very powerful. Sometimes may completely change a hero.

Waterhunt Tribe tips
Hack cheats tutorial Waterhunt Tribe(wiki):
  • Market - there's a new batch coming in. Every 3 hours, a new batch comes in with different items. If you are in a hurry, i can purchase a new batch immediately.
  • Warriors are all tanks. Best suited to be put in position 1 to take damage.
  • Each equipment factory produces an equipment every 10 minutes.
  • Paladins assist other heroes. Their value may not be reflected in stats.
  • Every commission will increase your reputation. If you have higher reputation, we will thank you with better rewards. Complete tribal commissions to receive a lot of player experience.

Waterhunt Tribe tutorial

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We have just acquired the panther warrior. You can transfer panther class into warrior. Animals are free to transfer their class to another acquired class. But only one class per animal can fight in a battle. Equipment factory - which will continuously produce equipment. Let me transfer into warrior and take over it.
Waterhunt Tribe tips to repair

Idle rewards save for up to 8 hours, please claim them promptly. how and where enter
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