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You were ready to turn your life around. Then again, life rarely goes according to plan. Of course, you were in for the ride. And this is how you started your new life with joy and a ton of challenges. I’m Granny Truffles and i’ll teach you the ropes on the farm. Repairing the bridge is your first task. Exciting. Tap on the tree to select it. Tap on the tree agains to use your energy and chop it down. Tap on the bridge to repair it. Deliver the displayed items to complete buildings.

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Tap next to the bridge to move across. The farm is a bit run down after the spring floods, but i’ll help you get it up and running. Your barn looks amazing! Store all your valuable products in here. That said, let’s plant wheat next! Drag wheat across the fields. You’re almost ready to bake your first bread. Let’s clear space for the bakery first. Tap twice on the energy to use your energy and mine it. Tap on the bakery to place it onto the playfield. Drag bread into a box to start baking. Use a gem code to finish production immediately.

WeFarm cheats, hack codes

1. k4E6O3 - level up
2. 7Xiznh - voucher
3. MqQIPA - shard
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Tap on the wheat and choose the sickle. Drag the sickle across the fields to harvest. Woodland Springs’ people will love your products. Use the order board to fulfill their wishes and earn money. Tap on the order board. I believe you’re ready for the quest log. use it to keep track of your tasks. have you noticed the run down cow shed? Please be so kind and repair it. Only happy cows in warm and cozy stables give the best milk! Your cow looks hungry! Poor animal, let’s feed her! Drag corn into the cow shed until the bar is full to get milk. Mmmh, udderly delicious milk! is this the start of a great friendship between you and your cow? I believe it is!
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Always remember that your farm is an important local supplier. use the order board to help provide your neighbors with fresh products and earn money. Keep at it, and you and your products will soon be known all around Woodland springs. I have to run a few errands in the village. Do you want to come along? Take world map of android game and you won’t get lost! Tap on the village to set destination. Farm - the place where it all began - grown crops and have a good time at your farm. Village - roll up your sleeves and become the mayor of your very own village.

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Well done! Now you know as much about farming as i do. You’re ready to head out and explore on your own! Enjoy farm: collect resources in adventure zones or use pass codes; produce and sell goods and materials; complete quests and get rewards and gift box; rebuild your village.
xkebJY - speed up
2lr48k - resources
eWfaQf - materials
4Qmnsk - secret pet
Hack bxSUk0 - artifacts
Cheat 0VpLFK - growth funds
eRqM8T - elite ticket. NevXSC - exchange code how and where enter
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