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Congratulations! You’ve upgraded your city and received two newbie teleport items as a reward. When your meeting hall reaches level6, these tow items will be reclaimed. Newbie teleport items can help you to move to areas with richer resources, your allies gathering place, even other cities.

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To use the teleport function, select a square ont he world map and press the teleport button. To view resource zones, enter the field map, and tapping the second button above “home” to check the city map. You will see your location in the city and distribution of resource levels. If you are an Gang member, you’ll also see the location of the Gang leader.

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To join another city press the map button shaped like a glove on the city map to enter the world map. Then select any city on the map to join it. When your registration time is more than 3 days, you can’t change city, but only change your location within the city map.
World map instructions:
Gather resources - choose a resource point and occupy it with your troops. When gathering has finished, your troops will return with resources.
Attack - wanter on the world map must be defeated one level at a time, from lower to higher levels. You will get rich rewards after defeating each group. When you feel you are powerful enough, attack other Bosses to plunder a larger amount of materials.
West Gang wiki
Buildings: bunkers - are where you assemble your students. Upgrade them for faster training speed and higher training capacity.
The armory - is where bombs are build. Upgrade it to unlock stronger bombs and cause damage to Wanted.
Hot air Ballon - scouts out the total number of an enemy’s resources.
The Gang camp supports your marching armies. Upgrade it to increase your march size.
The college is where you research technology to improve your city.

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  • Spend some gold bars to upgrade building immediately.
  • You can get more free instant building speed up time if you activate VIP.
  • Plan battle strategies with countless combinations of technology, gangs, and Heroes!
  • Upgrade various characteristic buildings, research technology, raid and plunder, simulate real west life.

West Gang tips
Hack cheats tutorial West Gang(wiki):
Newbie reward: dear Boss, congrats on getting a rename item and a profile changing item. Hurry up to change your profile picture and set a personalized name in the Boss info center! Tap your profile picture at the upper left corner to enter the Boss info center. Gift box:rename, change avatar, gold bars, vip points.
Upgrade VIP: Boss, become a VIP and enjoy the benefits! Vip status grants you several bonus that give you an advantage over your enemies! Please accept a gift from us. Go into the Vip menu today and become a VIP!
West Gang tutorial

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