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Sheriff, from this day forward, this city is yours. Let me show you a bit about management. To recruit soldiers for your great town. Sherif, please build a barracks (a place to train units. Upgrade to unlock more types, and increase recruitment speed). Food is an important resource for development. Build a farm to start producing more food or use codes tQQgHD9T5O.

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Your town hall is most important building, and upgrading it is your most important task. The hospital is an essential building for healing your wounded soldiers. Upgrade to raise the maximum wounded limite and healing speed. There are lots of resource gathering points outside your town! You can send an army to gather them and boost our supplies.

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1. oRtrLcex5I - level up
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World map - as you level up, your town’s outer appearance will also become increasingly spectacular. Let us send an army to gather resources. Your army is marching towards farmstead.
Sheriff, it’s a good idea to follow recommended quests to build your town. Build sawmill - produces and holds wood. Upgrade to increase production output and capacity
Join an alliance to get the following benefits:
1. You can gather from elite mines within your alliance territory and enjoy a slight gather speed bonus.
2. Outlaws defeated within your territory have the chance to drop additional rewards.
3. Gather from normal resource mines within your territory with a 10% gather speed bonus.
4. You can collect a daily territory reward.
West of glory wiki
You’ll gain skill points every time you raise your lord level or use codes tPy0RFhpwr. Skill points can be used here - lord skills. Tap different tabs to switch between different development types. Each type has lots of different skills to learn. YOu can pick your favorites.
Library - the technology of your town. Research new technology to become more powerful.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps:
  • To recruit soldiers faster, build more shooting ranges.
  • When an ally is in battle, you can send an army to assist.
  • The higher level your town hall, the grander it appears on the world map. Cheat - 3aVG3Jat4K: Increase level.
  • The library has different technologies that yield different benefits. Start researching now to raise your power quickly.
  • Build alliance flags to expand your alliance territory and enjoy more territory rewards.

West of glory tips
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You got an item to increase your construction queue! Use it to build another building simultaneously. Golden hammer code rM826QIQhs - opens additional 1 construction queue for 1 year.
Consulate - use to check your external and internal reinforcement armies. Upgrade to accommodate more defense armies.
Watchtower - shows the destination of armies marching towards you. Can Scout the target’s exact amount of saved resources and unharvested resources.
West of glory tutorial

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harvest - use to instantly get 6 hours worth of output from all of your resource buildings (production boost items don’t affect this skill).
Building speed - raises building construction speed.
Load increase - raises army load for carrying resources.
West of glory tips to repair
Sheriff, you need more than strong soldiers to stay strong. You also need a powerful hero! Hero codes XAPlGC5Cwe.
Battle rebels: a huge explosion turned everything to ruins, and civilians are left hopeless. A rebel army has occupied this base. They;ve been capturing the local and nearby farmers, focusing to harsh labor. The people have lost their freedom and now live as slaves.
Destroy the rebels, and save those innocent civilians. Defeat the rebels to earn a rich reward. Defeat the rebels for the chance to capture some and turn them loyal to you. West of glory Activation code:
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