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Free hack Westeros War cheats code list - gold, energy, pets, promo ticket, materials, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Westeros War cheat world: winter is coming. Be threatened by growing crises. The Westeros continent is once again locked in a power struggle. And your journey has just begun. We got the first hero Sansa. Our team needs more heroes. From contract we can recruit more powerful heroes. We are opening the Westeros world for you, please be patient.

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In westeros, Eddard Stark is a defensive character that takes precedence over the opponent's attack. Our preferred target is shown on the upper left and the other is shown on the upper right.Every upgrade gains 100 physical, and more features are turned on as the level increases.

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Get some material to strengthen equipment. Heroes have become more powerful. Collect the corresponding material and will continue to strengthen the equipment. Every 3 rounds the hero will use his talent skills. Stun or freeze incapacitates oppoent for next turn. Character stats increased by 15% when rage buff is unblocked. Promotion will give the character a leap forward in his strength. Character level 12 opens anger buff skill.

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