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Welcome, boss! It seems the other families have been busy. They have all sorts of gangsters guarding each neighborhood of this city. I think it’s time we take these territories back. Wouldn’t you agree? Red neighborhoods are under enemy control. Tap a vulnerable blinking neighborhood to fight the gangsters guarding the area and kick them out.

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To defeat them we’ll have to send our best men. Select 4 from our personal army. I’ve taken the liberty to place my favorite 4 criminals at the start of the list, but feel free to try them all out.
The bright and dark squares indicate which abilities can or can’t be used at the gangster’s initial position at the beginning of the fight.

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Once you’ve kicked all enemy teams off the map, you can fight again by selecting your neighborhoods. Consider it practice, or a way to try out different team combinations.
District bonus (when you own all neighborhoods) - increase HP of all units.
Hero stats: health, damage, defence, speed, accuracy, citical rate, resistance.
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Crippling shot - shoot an enemy, decreases the targets speed for 2 turns if he lands a critical.
Covering fire - shots at an enemy to protect her wounded ally. The ally with least HP receives DEF up for 1 turn.
Long range - deals massive amount of damage and stuns the target.
Healing powder - removes debuffs from ally and heals him and self for 20% of HP.
Pickpocket - passive ability. Anytime this unit attack, he steals one buff from the target.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Release papers - lets you release a 1-3 star gangster from prison.
  • Gun runners are your HQ's regular source of ammo. Upgrade Gun runners to increase the amount of ammo produced.
  • Follow the contracts to help guide your actions. Tap on the contract below to build a residence.
  • Improve your gangs and leaders in the research center.
  • The research center will help turn your amateur lackies into pros. Research illegal workers to improve construction speed.
  • Don't forget to take advantage of research to improve your organization and build power.

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A bigger compounds lets you send larger gangs out into the city. Focus on upgrading your compound to grow your power.
Mafia perks: free diamonds - earn gems when you first join a mafia.
Trading favors - speed up your construction and research.
Capture turf - unlock the dealer to compelte for turf and riches.
Calibro - shoots all enemies, has 20% chance to decrease damage for each enemy.
Alborotador - punches the target with great force. The damage of this attack increases with this units HP.
What The Mafia Turf Wars tutorial

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