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At last, here you are! The orcs are coming. We have to protect our chickens. Destroy the enemy portal to win battle! Get 1 battle summon crystal each day for free. Collect shards to summon more heroes. Lack of energy? Tap icon to leve-up. You'll get more energy and it will refill faster. Combine your new ranged hero with your front line. Summon grandpa to shake things up. Can't see the enemy? Swipe the screen to find them! Need more control? Zoom out to view whole battlefield.

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hack What The Hen! Revival Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Use summon: battle - free, arena - 1-3 star character, premium summon - 2-4 star hero. Profile - you a mythical summoner, who has only recently joined the fight.

cheat Step #2: Use upgrade: bonus energy - extends your start and maximum energy amount by 5 (to 55 -171 energy). Team power- increases the maximum amount of stars you can take into your team by 1. Stamina - increases your stamina amount by 1. Hitpoints - your summoner receives10 $ extra health.

code Step #3: Unlock skills: lightning -a thunderstorm dealing damage in a wide area. Battlerage - all friendly heroes in a small area fall into a battle frenzy and become enraged. Pire pillar - a pillar of fire dealing high damage in a very small area. Healing - a mystical healing ray, which heals all friendly heroes over time in a small area.

What The Hen! Revival Step #4: choose your power-up: hand of affliction - slow down your enemies! Deep freeze - freezes all enemy heroes for 7 seconds. Hurricane - knocks enemies back to their portal or summoner.

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  • 1. Enter cheat - #5ZpRL5xc8 :if wall is breached, traps will lose its attack ability, but is no longer attackable.
  • 2. Hack list: tickets - #q4OZOeE96 raid x5 - #7P2pxVxEI power up - #m0pTBhq94 gems - #YGrGWmvKx battle soulshard - #1DGAdibsu 5 star summon - #RqlsL2vjX stars up - #X0k5Ed71z unlimited energy - #RULVM82sc unlock skills - #wf4JTh2MH
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