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Free hack Whisper of Hell cheats code list - dungeon key, wings , gold, promo ticket, topaz, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Whisper of Hell cheat world: warrior, you finally woke up. We got the news that you would be sent here today. Flying dragon will show you around on top of Saintshine city. Watch it carefully. We received the news from Prophet that there had been an unusual purple grow by the sea, which was a unique sign of the destiny slab fragments. Use mystery runes - there is a strong space magic element on the rune stone, which is probably part of a magic key that opens up a space circle. It may be helpful afterward.

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Upgrading skill will cost you experience and skill energy which can be obtained from quests, damage of the skill will be greatly increased after upgrade. Skill level determines your battle power.
Mount increases your movement speed. You will also gain stats bonuses. The more mounts you collect, the more stats bonuses you will get.
Legion quest - complete to get incredible rewards! Will earn your legion fund, contribution and experience. Legion research - you can learn potential research in the legion! Consume contribution and fund to learn individual skills. Legion storage - share spare items in storage. Store items for free and consume fund to withdraw items. You can set potential tech you leaned in Legion to potential skill slot to increase your character’s stats.

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Dungeons: Secret dungeon - instance to enter 3 times a day. You need dungeon key to enter. Blood devil - the instance that drops the most advanced gears. From a team for large scale battle. After defeating boss in secret dungeon, you can choose the crystal reward or the dungeon key to the next dungeon. Activate gear’s soul stats through soul linkage to get extra stats. Complete the class advancement quest when your character reaches level 30 to become more powerful advanced class.

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