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Vera can advance three distinct personality traits: empathetic, assertive, analytical. Your choices will influence all three, affecting the course of the story and the tools at your disposal. Advancing one personality trait always weakens the other two, so make your choices carefully. Vera’s personality - this choice has amplified Vera’s assertive side: there will be many instances like this, strengthening one personality trait at the expense of the other two.

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Tap the screen to walk and interact with objects. Tap and hold on the ground for a few seconds to display interactables in the room. Tap once on an inventory item examine it, or drag and drop it to combine it with other things.
Augmentation basics: in the lower right corner are your augmentations, toggled with a single tap. Experiment with your augs to learn how they work. Additional tutorials will appear when needed. Later on, you will unlock different augs depending on how you have a shaped Vera’s Personality.

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Scaner - drag and drop the scanner to move it around. Anomalies viewed through the lens will light up in a bright color. The scanner is now in “smart scan” mode, where forensic anomalies are detected from the surrounding environment.
Collected scanner samples will be added to your data vault, and can be attached to the scanner for a targeted search. Unlike the “smart scan”, samples will allow detection in areas with a lot of contamination, such as picking up specific fingerprints in a room full of prints.

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Keep in mind that you won’t find any new samples this way, so remember to use the “smart scan” mode too.
Your biometric analyzer will automatically lock on to nearby targets. You can also tap the lock icon on your target to force the analyzer to stay connected. Lastly, the biometric output may display emotional anomalies during dialogue. Tap the to make them know to Vera before they disappear.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps:
  • Immerse yourself in a realized world of beautifully hand-drawn pixel art design and gorgeous settings influenced by the Nordics.
  • 4,000+ lines of dialogue with full English voice acting, directed by Wadjet Eye Games' Dave Gilbert.
  • Choose your playstyle and utilize these augmentations to investigate, gather information, and solve puzzles with multiple solutions.

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Your notebook contains two sections: notes and people. You can click the arrow in the corner to toggle between them. You can show inventory items during dialogue by simply tapping on them.
Muscle boost increases your strength for a limited time. Interact with your target before the timer runs out. Or it will need time to recharge.
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