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WhiteFlame Game story: this area is located above the silver dungeon. But as we have researched, this passage is extremely safe, with no sign of big monsters. Just a little bit more and we’ll get to where the energy is coming from, according to my experience it is probably due to the apis stone. If we can find this apis stone, we will be rich. We have spent 2 years just to find it. Any more questions? It it’s okay then we will continue...

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Controls: you can move with the stick of the bottom left, and rotate camera by drag the field of the right. Press fight button to attack, press continuously to form combo. SLide your finger on the key to form a special attack. Top menu - there are 3 bars here: HP, AP, MP. When you out of AP (green bar), you can not attack anymore! You have to wait for it to regenerate! Click here to select and exchange weapons between 3 types: short sword, long sword and dual.

WhiteFlame cheats, hack codes

Resting at the white flame to recover, level up, learn magic, make potion. And come close to the red flames to upgrade and craft weapons with material earned. Killing enemies and they will drop white soul, collecting these souls to level up when resting on the white flame. If you die, you will have to pay, All white soul collected will be lost, and there is no way to recover it. So try not to die.
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Skills: electric ball - discharge an electric ball in front of you, instantly dealing damage x4. Ice wall - create an ice wall in front of you, blocking everything and help you climb high places. Fire bomb - creates a firebomb, falls to the ground and explodes after 2 seconds. Whirlwind - tossing the enemies in the air. Dark trap - creates a black hole in front of you, any enemy who steps in will take damage x3.

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