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Free hack WhoisZombie cheats code list - energy (AP), points, gold, promo ticket, population, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. WhoisZombie cheat world: thank you for staying tuned. And now, breaking news. Here are the latest updates on the zombie virus crisis. Currently, all government mass care shelters are at full occupancy with more citizens seeking shelter each day. Citizens are advised to seek help at civilian shelters created by local residents in their respective areas.

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However, following a zombie virus outbreak at the private shelter “A” several days ago, many have started to consider such facilities unsafe, and strongly oppose the government’s latest directive. The authorities are making every effort to redirect the crowds of refugees towards civilian shelters. However, the population remains doubtful that these efforts will benefit those who are vulnerable or in unprotected areas. You’re listening to the Emergency radio transmission center...

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September 12, 2033 - as government mass care shelters become overcrowded, people have started to construct civilian shelters in the surrounding areas. However, many citizens doubt that these shelters can provide the same protection: green skin tissue - individuals with green skin out; wounds - individuals with external wounds out; fugitive - citizens with a red band around the neck out; photo mismatch - individuals that do not ressemble their photos out.

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Let’s learn the basic gameplay. Your task is to evaluate the refugees coming to the civilian shelter, and decide whether or not to accept them. Newcomers gather for the evaluation - the energy indicator at the top shows the time limit. Use buttons to accept (left) the newcomers, or send them back (right). Top - current shelter population and the target. If the population drops to 0, or if you fail ro reach the target, you will lose.

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