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Goblins will be here any time! We have to defend newport until reinforcements arrive. I guess we’ll have to construct some sort of tower defense. Let’s start with an arrow tower - low cost and dast attack speed (the standard tower). Now we’re getting somewhere! Let’s reinforce this position with a few more towers. Barracks - trains troops that stop creeps in their tracks! Troops don’t deal much damage.

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Cannon tower - blast groups of creeps with area damage but has a slow attack speed. Tesla - high damage but slow attack speed. Deals increased damage against armored creeps.
Just in time! Tap the call wave button to bring on the creeps. Looks like there’s more creeps on the way. Tap the call wave button early to earn extra coins.

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Hero fully charged! Tap skill icon to use heroic ability and show those creeps what for! Ambush or not, these creeps are no match for the royal Skyguard. We’re hardly making a dent in their numbers. Evacuate the townsfolk, i’ll draw warship away from the village.
Not time to worry now. As ye might’ve guessed by all these towers, there’s more creeps incoming. I found some extra gold in the ship, so let’s upgrade some towers.
Wild Sky TD wiki
Now let’s get everyone into a more strategic position. Now that we’ve got the ship back, we can use it to cast spells! Time to bring out the big guns! Manner of speaking of course. Use bolt to blast away groups of creeps. Rank 2 towers can be upgraded to rank 3! Rank 3 towers gain access to powerful abilities.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Dion't forget to use epic towers to upgrade your cards.
  • Promote your cards to unlock new skills.
  • New cards can be unlocked by collecting shards or use cheats.
  • Make sure there's creeps nearby before unleashing heroes frost nova!
  • XP crystals are needed to level up your cards.

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Hack cheats tutorial Wild Sky TD(wiki): Lots of strategic depth, with 10 unique towers of 6 different elements, 6 separate heroes, 12 spells, and various game-modes to challenge you. Chain lightning - attacks create a smaller bolt that bounces twice.
Spire bomb -Attacks leave behind spikes that deal damage over time.
Wild Sky TD tutorial

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