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Wild West Steampunk Alliances cheat world: howdy cowboy! My name is cheat-on and i will show you how to survive in the wild west. The most important thing is to grow your city and the related influence and pwoer. We will need resources to build important buildings. One of the best ways to get resources is to complete assignments. You will find your current assignment at the bottom left of the screen. Let's get the first assignment done. Resource buildings can be built in the bottom area, Food is important to maintain your troops. let's build a farm which'll take care of food.

Wild West Steampunk Alliances hack

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We can build different buildings on our elevated and secured area. Buildings that are almost finished can be completed immediately and for free. Tap the instant button to complete the construction immediately. You can increase the time you can skip for free with the help of your vip level. now that our research lab is in place, we should let our smart brains do some research. Whenever you build or upgrade a building, you will receive a reward for the associated assignmets.

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Buildings: research lab - you can research different improvements three categories: attack, defense and economics.Spying - through improved spying technology, information about your enemy in your spy report gets increasingly ample and precise. Saloon counter - through an improved network you're able to increase the recruitment speed of new units. Ammo factoyr - produce ammo and increases your ammo capacity. The higher the level, the higher the production and capacity.

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Saloon - you can recruit troops. The higher the saloon level, the higher the number of troops you can recruit at once. At the moment only 4 are available, over time we will unlock some stronger ones. Units: melee, range, explosive, sabotage. Use the slider to define how many units you want to recruit. Hospital - you can station and heal wounded troops, so they are fit for use again. The higher the hospital level, the higher the capacity for wounded units. With the sheriff office you can increase the XP points your hero gains from different sources and reduce jail time and the loss of XP points when he gets arrested.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: The transporter is capable of saving troops and collected resources outside your city, even in case of defeat, and gives your units a resources capacity bonus. It has an average troop capacity. The combat truck gives your troops attack and defense bonuses. It has a high troop capacity. The headquarter is the heart of your city. The higher its level, the higher the level of every other building can be. On top of that it also unlocks additional operations, increases the troop capacity of your vehicles and the amount of help you can receive from your alliance members with building tasks.

Wild West Steampunk Alliances tips

Tutorial (wiki): that's all i can teach you for now. I'll come back from time to time and explain a few things to you. I highly recommend that you join an alliance with other players. This way you can support and protect each other. The wild west is damgerous place. Casino - here you can play in the high stakes room. There you can play for much higher rewards but the stakes are higher too. Additionally you can play in the high stakes room for free every three days. To unlock the high stakes room you need to purchase a package in the store that contains the casino room key.

Wild West Steampunk Alliances hacked

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