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There is an abandoned town in the north. THe land is fertile, and large veins of metal ores were seen. We will settle there and build a life. Patch this place up so we can have roof above our head tonight. Develop the settlement is going to need a lot of resource. Get us a wood camp so we can start producing wood.
That townhall is all dirty and broken. Fixing it will get us some new buildings. The only way to survive in the western frontier is to be powerful. you’ll need to train more troops and expand your settlement. Only then you can defeat Warren and his outlaw gangs.

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Warren is not the only danger that you are facing in the wild west. You must discover your potential as a leader if you want to be on top of your rivals.
You can distribute talent points in the talent trees, which grants you powerful boosts and unique skills. Military branch focuses on your army’s combat capabilities. Develop - on build and resources. Support focuses on logistics support and bounty hunts.

Wild Frontier cheats, hack codes

I suggest that you allocate talent based on the situation. You can always reset and change your talent later. Activate VIP to enjoy powerful privileges! This includes increasing your instant build time and many other benefits. The more VIP points you have, the higher the VIP level, and more benefits you could enjoy. Vip points cna be gained through daily login or using VIP items. If you continue login in daily, you will get more each day.
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Train army. Lumberjack - are loggers capable of chopping down woods and men with ease. Fighters have an increased defense against all troops. Young gun - new gunners are inaccurate with their guns, but they can provide more fire power. Pistoleer have an increased attack against cavalries.
Alliance - join alliance comes with many benefits. First time join alliance gets gold. Helps speed up your progress. Build fortress and expand territory. Join alliance war for the rich and glory. Claim free gift from alliance daily.

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This is an untamed land with infinite possibilities. Many newcomers have just arrived here. They are also looking for the wealth of the set. YOu need to establish your power as soon as possible, expand your town, gather resources, and hire famous gunslingers. You will lead your followers to conquer the western frontier and become the legend of the west. Fame and fortune await you. We have sent you some supplies to get you started. The future is in your hands. We wish you the best of luck! LnbvxJ - supply box
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