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The crystal of the world was broken, turned into pieces and scatter in the world. Heaven and earth changed, disaster stuck. Civilization collapsed, there was hell to pay. SOme lucky people picked up the crystal fragments and gained great power. They established their respective tribes. There were fierce battles for limited resources. The world is in a dispute.

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Dear Lord, we have arrived in the kingdom, and the troops are ready to attack. These invaders occupied our kingdom and slaughter our people. We have endured humiliation and torture for so long. Today, i want to expel these aggressors, do justice and regain glory. Attack!
Dear lord, the main force of the enemy has been defeated. Only the commander is still recalcitrant, please vanquish him! Commander is quite powerful, please use skills to defeat him.

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Congratulations, we regained the kingdom. But we are still at risk. The enemy commander fled into the trial cave in the city, and the enemy’s reinforcements will soon arrive here. If we are attacked from both sides, the consequences will be unimaginable.
We must not let war burn our homes again. Send someone to block the exit of the trial cave to prevent the commander from coming out to make trouble! Then take the initiative to attack, eliminate the reinforcements, and finally return to the cave to catch.
To combat enemy’s reinforcements more effectively, we can use the relic academy in the city to upgrade our troops.
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Upgrading troops requires food, wood and other resources. We still have some reserves and we can upgrade now. The research takes a while. During the research, the progress bar at the top left of the screen will show the current progress. If you don’t want to wait, you can click the accelerator button to complete the study immediately.

Lord, the enemy’s reinforcements have been stationed not far from the city. They should attack us after the reorganization. We can’t still. hey, we should immediately launch a radi when they are still reorganizing. The enemy’s reinforcements are two thieves’ troops, the forward force and the main forces. Attack: click on the champion’s head portrait to select the marching troops.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The battle of legion is a symmetrical battle where a champion leads the army as a general.
  • In the army battle, the troops will automatically attack the enemy. They key factor in determining victory or defeat is your skill.
  • At the bottom of the screen is your skill icon, which will automatically recharge. When you are full of energy, you can release.
  • You can drag the skill icon and select the released area to fight the enemy more efficiently.
  • The wind tooth skill can attack all the enemies in the fan shaped range in front of hero, which is very suitable for melee attack.

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Hack cheats tutorial Will of Power(wiki):
  • Lord, we have seized a batch of supplies through the battle just now, food, wood, etc. These thieves will carry supplies. Suppressing them is an effective way to obtain supplies.
    Now, the enemy's main force has not been eliminated. In order to increase the chance of victory, we can use the batch of materials to further upgrade the troops. We will clean up the enemy after that.
  • Dragon bounce - you can fly all the enemies in the circular range into the air. And our army's archers will automatically throw fire daggers to the enemies in the air and cause great damage. Just pay attention to the archer's range and you can easily win battle.
  • Trial cave - a place that makes challengers more powerful. There are many floors of caves, we are currently on the first floor. On each floor, there are several levels to be challenged. After completing all successfully, you can enter the next floor. Levels must be challenged in order. Skipping is not permitted.
  • By passing levels, heroes can get upgrade experience and equipments.
  • Not only that, by passing all levels of each floor, you can also get a new hero.
  • The commander is hiding in the third level on the first floor.

Will of Power tutorial

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Buildings: Academy - knowledge is power, and heritage academy can conduct various types of research to improve the overall strength of you.
Each hero has 3 powerful skills. We can set any one of them as the key skill according to the tactics. You can set key skill by clicking the setting button in the lower right corner of the hero’s avatar. To challenge a strong enemy, you must not be careless and need to be prepared. Wear the equipment to enhance greatly the strength of the hero.

The hero can wear up to 6 pieces of equipments. When the hero is wearing 6 pieces of equipment, he can upgrade ranks. Upgrade ranks can further enhance the strength.
Will of Power tips to repair
The championic battle is a small scale battle where our championic squad challenges the enemy elite monster squad. The enemies in the battle are very powerful. You need to make the best effort to defeat them or use hack cheats code. There championes release skills automatically. But key skills require you to release manually. The hero’s avatar at the bottom of the screen is the button to release the key skills. Click or drag the hero’s avatar to release key skills.
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