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It it our job is to change the fate of the humans who ask us for help. Humans encounter all kinds of trouble in their lives and sometimes they pray to us, hoping for miracles, as they call them. We can help them and grant their wishes, or not. It’s all up to you of course. Let’s start with job orientation. It’s time to do some work. See small red box? That is a message from the human today. All right, let’s see what she has got herself into this time. You’ll see a lot more random nonsense of all kinds in the future. Let’s take a look at how we may help. Use pen i just gave you. We can slice letter into several pieces.

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Now see, some of these pieces are black, and some of them are white. To prevent logical chaos, some of these pieces cannot be moved. These pieces are designated in black. Meanwhile, the white pieces can be moved anywhere with one exception. No white pieces can go past the first or the last piece. Now that you understand the limitations in moving these pieces, you may feel free to move the white pieces around. After you rearrange the white pieces, these events will happen exactly as you want in the human world. If you rearrangement has altered the previous causal links within the events, naturally the ending of the letter will be changed. Once you make your decision, just select OK.

WILL A Wonderful World cheats, hack codes

Hey! There is some text highlighted in blue! That means it’s a term archived in our dictionary. The humans’ letters often include some special terms related to their day to day lives. These terms will be highlighted. Therefore, whenever we encounter one of these strange terms a definition for them will automatically appear in our dictionary. We may either select the highlighted blue text to see the explanation for that specific term, or browse all of the archived terms in the dictionary. By the way, similar to the dictionary, we also keep a record of the profiles of everyone who has written to us. All you need to do is select their header pictures in the letter selection screen to read about them.
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Look, because of what you did, now it’s the alley that has a broken lightbulb, instead of the tennis court. Even though it was only a tiny change, you have indeed changed her fate. More importantly, you might have changed more than what we are seeing right now. The impact of this tiny event could last for a long time, maybe even influence her entire life. A Chain reaction like this is called “the butterfly effect” in the human world. But keep in mind that our power has a potentially dangerous side to it. We must never abuse it.
From now on you should be getting your own letters. I have placed a mailbox at the bottom left corner of the screen. If the flag is up by the mailbox, it means that there are new letters inside.

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