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Master! During your absence, enemies took our land. Retake it. My name is cheat-on. Before we start tell me how I should call you, master. Let me guide you. You need mana energy to summon new troops and cast spells. Mana energy refills over time. Your minions will attack enemies characters automatically. Hold your finger above a target. The range of the spell will appear. Release your finger to cast a spell. Use your cards to crush the enemy. Now you know enough to conquer this land! Let's do it. Helob – each attack deals an additional poison damage over 3 seconds. After death, inflicts poison damage on the enemy unit for 8 seconds.

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Winions: Mana Champions  –  hack codes
did you know? Your hero can use their unique skill. Tap on the skill icon and see what happens. You can choose which target your hero should attack first. Just tap on the target. Looks like somebody left an egg near your treasure building. Let's tap on it and see if anything happens. It looks like something will hatch from it. Come back later and tap again. Do it until the egg hatches. Who knows what's inside. Elven archer – swift and deadly, despite his scanty attire. If you meet him, just hope there isn't an errant breeze. Critical chance is increased. Sanguinella – an undead temptress of great power. She'll suck the blood of all who stand in her way.

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Winions: Mana Champions  –  cheats secret bug
Undead rangers – he may be as dead as a doornail, but he refuses to acknowledge the fact. Comes in groups. Headless – this vile specter is just like the one your mum promised to summon every time you refused to eat your vegetables. She casts fear upon death. Halk – knocks enemies down, then finishes the job, if you know what I mean. Stuns softer enemies for 2 seconds. Succubus – it s love at first sight, whether they like it or not! She takes control of an enemy unit every 15 seconds. Archers are the best against air units. Login each day to increase your reward pool! If you don't login, you'll miss out on the rewards. Polyphem – he loves rampaging across the battlefield like some old-school movie monster. Only attacks buildings and guardians.

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1. au2ak8DLuQ - gems
2. FglLemyQV2 – gold coins
3. ZSDqS6MZJo - crown
4. Ol03rO0joS – free speen
5. L731ATkAXl - evolve
6. UkUy2ZXt9F – mega arena chest
7. OaprJrgfiz – epic cards
8. yrPl4ouA9h - level up

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