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Humans desire more than they can have in their short lives. And so arises hate and strife. Wars break out. And their beloved are slain. I shall collect all the magic power in this world. I shall bring back mom and dad with the magic power. I shall grant immortality to all, and end this cycle of agony.
Basics: Moccamori uses her talons to attack targets. If there are multiple targets, try using Earth smash that can attack several at once. Talon strike is effective agains single targets.

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Use blast attacks on large targets to deal greater damage. The opponent will take action when the blue bar under its health bar is full. Focusing on defense will greatly reduce the damage Moccamori receives, and recover some HP and MP for the next turn. The magic power awakening stat increases in proportion to the damage received and the MP spent. Whem the magic power awakening stat is full, Moccamori can use powerful weapons.

Witch Spring 4 cheats, hack codes

YOur magic power awakening stat is full? Press the magic power awakening button to summon Moccamori’s weapons. Moccamori moves around rooms on a chair. Press the exclamation mark that appeared on the chair. Press the exclamation button that appears when you go to the center of the lobby. Fight - Training to raise overall physical abilities. HP, STR and AGI increase evenly, and you can also learn new talon skills when you fight level increases.
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Magic - increases MAG and MP evenly. Fires magic power quickly. You can learn new magic power talon skills when your magic level increases.
A button to open the diary will appear when you approach the diary. Open the diary to record the current time and load it later. Press the upper left button to go to “record diary” and the right button to go to “load diary”. Record - can save the current time, and Load - can load a saved record.

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Characters: Varon - a trustworthy minion of Moccamori. Reduces damage received by character by 30% with defense barrier when summoned. Absorbs the damage received by hero in Agamo’s shield, and reflects it be many times to the enemy on his turn. gKRTFX - supply box
58ro09 - treasure chest
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