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AXuuhi - energy is full. Drag the avatar upwards to release skill. 1. XAUZJC - lucky box
2. inPl6y - gear
3. BBqN0S - secret mode code
4. dAviJI - luxury bag
5. CUmco6 - free coupons
6. HskVHk - gem pack
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This is a booming are in which technology and supernatural power progress hand in hand. The most amazing supernatural power is controlled by the six major nations: Substance H, a.k.a. The divine touch by common people. As the research on substance H progresses, “the divine touch” itself becomes more and more powerful. As all six nations has Substance H, and no one wanted to risk a war that could end the world, they signed a peace treaty. As a result, all capitals of the six nations were renamed academy city, and they only focused on research.

Witch Weapon hack

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Modern science suggests that certain individuals can resonance with substance H and control its power when provided with specific mediums. Witches are the widely known example. Their mysterious power came from substance H. Although, it was called catalyst back in the days.
Kill target enemies! Don’t touch the unrelated antique substance H. Their risk levels aren’t indicated in our intel. Get the job done post haste. The guards in the second academy. Tap the screen to move towards your target.
YtVSvn - anytime an enemy uses an skill, heaven’s gate will deal 500% of your total magic attack (plus 47 magic attack) in magic damage to the target. Enemy are silenced for 4 seconds.
Kill enemies to earn magic items and gold! Remember to upgrade your witches and their weapons. Enemy - tap and hold icons to view their basic info. Before a battle, you can deploy witches, weapons, codes, cheats and boosters. aAmk2j - a maximum of 20000 AP can be stored. Enemy info includes: HP bar, skill progress bar, and skill icon. Sometimes, buff info will also be displayed.

Witch Weapon cheats, hack codes

1. W97mVZ - level up
2. zMsqLe - voucher
3. FsgUIk - shard
4. RZPKYl - artifact
5. wpBOBR - characters

Before continuing your adventure, you need to learn the basics! Skill will be triggered one time once its progress bar is full. Weapon Heaven’s gate can deal damage to enemies that are using skills and silence them. Silenced enemies are marked with “!”. Beatrice’s active skill can silence enemies. Vera’s active skill can knock up. Tap avatar to switch weapons. Swipe avatar to release active skill. Remember, all items have an upper storage limit.
Move close to an enemy, and a circle will appear around the target. Release the left joystick to automatically attack the target. They’re the usual guards in this research center. It’s time to change your weapon - use code UV7KfA. Witch energy is accumulated during battle. Once the energy is full, drag the avatar to release the active skill. Dodge missiles and electric balls. Silence or stun enemies to interrupt their skill casting.
Welcome to the steele Monte Collection and research center in the fifth academy city, the largest substance H collection and research center in new Opulentia.
Witch Weapon wiki
Substance H, a.k.a. the Divine touch, is a general term for items and tools that activate supernatural phenomena at certain conditions. On this open day, the collection and research center is open to the public and other academy cities. As an important public awareness initiative, we will present some divine touches and research results.
Battle: weapons’ mana bars are displayed at the bottom of the witch avatars. A weapon’s power skill will become ineffective once its mana has dropped to zero. Upon switch weapons, the unequipped weapon will slowly restore mana.
hcUe9G - legendary quests can be claimed in main menu. As your character levels up, there’ll be more quests available. When there are quests available, a “!” will appear above your character on the main interface. The most basic way to increase your BR is by leveling up your witches. YOu can level them up by joining battles, and also by using various experience items or use hack cheats code Mbo1Ef. Note that, however, witches’ levels can’t exceed your character level.

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5 4XrO1h gift box
6 2i87iK gold coins
7 NJqWfk month card
8 BwuuZT premium pack
9 TW6SuU caph pack
10 cl2PJg vip ticket
11 viUSzf gear pack

Witch Weapon gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Witch Weapon tips
Hack cheats tutorial Witch Weapon (wiki):
During battle, you can turn of witches’ active skill animation under pause>code>system. During battle, all your deployed witches’ attributes will be added to your character.
Nebula crystals resonate with magic. One can find items or weapons with magic engravings using these crystals. More importantly, these items radiate strong witch power - they’re basically witch hosts. These two nebula crystals, Sothoth’s eye and R’lyeh’s mystery, are the house Gracia’s heirlooms. Know your weapons - each weapon has its own unique power skill. The power skills of heaven’s gate, for example, can silece enemies. YOu cah check more details on the accaunt menu.
XUzgzs - voucher
GbQV1m - CAPH pack 6j7orq - AP supply Kif7rt - Goodies giveaway: the pack in tier 5 contains battle suit vouchers. Packs on this page can be purchased (1 pack per type) during the event period. Packs can only be purchased in the required order. Purchasing packs on this page won’t increase your CAPH experience.
WFPpdY - paid gems. Welcome to the new android game Witch Weapon. First of all, thank you for showing interest in investigating the spacetime flux and deciding to help us! The Academy city will officially open at 9/23/19. Get ready! To ensure a good start to your investigation, we’ve prepared a variety of events! The available events are as follows: rose date - tap the button in the top left corner on the main interface to enter the event. Complete quests to earn points and use them to redeem SSR weapons.
Witch Weapon Note: during battle, you can switch between auto attack and manual attack modes under pause> controls. Enemy info includes: HP bar, skill progress bar, and skill icon. Sometimes, buff info will also be displayed. Skill will be triggered one time once its progress bar is full. New weapons, Heaven’s Gate, can deal damage to enemies that are using skills and silence them. Silenced enemies are marked with !. Tap and hold the cheat code icon of an experience itme to continuously use it.
Note that, however, witches’ levels can’t exceed your character level. Different weapons have different attack speeds and damage. Power skills are maintained by weapons’ MP> Once a weapon’s MP drops to zero, its power skills will become ineffective. Enhancing your weapons is the most effective way of increasing your BR. how and where enter
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