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Welcome! I’ve been waiting. I’m Cheat-on, who will be your guide. You need to investigate the causes of the portal destructions by joining hands with heroes from other portals. Let’s first try the battle. THe info below shows the attack order of your heroes. The button in the upper right is the skip button. You can quickly use skip by leveling up your explorer grade. You defeated the opponent int he dungeon and claimed a chest.


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Most chests require some time to be opened. You have obtained a hero ticket! We will now get hero shards of your choice! By selecting a hero, you can see the hero’s information on the left. Select the character you want and press the claim button to receive the shards. You can go from place to place easily via the menu!

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Heroes selected first will be placed from the front line. Place the strong GOlem first to protect others. Arranging the heroes by certain factions will activate the formation buff! Try pressing the formation buff button. If you deploy the heroes well by each factions you can receive these team buffs. You can change the unit formation - select a formation best fit for your strategy! Tap 1-5 button and deploy strong golem in front.
You can auto battle in the dungeons you have already cleared. Even when you are away, your heroes will continue to battle and earn rewards. Inbox - you can check the rewards earned through the auto battle here. However, the reward is accumulated only up to 8 hours. The gifts is available whenever a bar is full. Now continue with your gameplay following the quests on the left. Then we will be looking very forwards to your activities.

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