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Free hack WizardLord cheats code list - energy (AP), star jewells, gold, promo ticket, cards, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. WizardLord cheat world: because of magic Goddess Flora’s legacy, the peace of Ares mainland has lasted nearly one hundred years. People live in harmony and have forgotten the warring and dark times gradually. But for the rules and mages of all countries, the war never ceased. Several months ago, the battle between dark blue lord and shadow boss brought people back to painful times.

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TO get magic Goddess’ legacy gift, mages lead their soldiers to fight against each other. Soldiers will automatically appear at the turret to attack at set intervals. You can use magic lightwave if there are too many soldiers. Armored infantry will kill all injured zombies. Use fireball to attack shadow boss.

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YOu attained cards from the chest, and you can enhance your spell by leveling up cards! With your spell enhanced, little zombies of the shadow boss may not be happy this time. Leveling up can increase the power and effect of spells. Earth element is a unit with high HP. You can use abundant Skeleton defenders to deal with it.

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Skills: Magic lightwave - attack the enemy units in 20* rectangle, dealing damage to soldiers and to the turret. Crystal wall can greatly reduce the damage of enemy spell to your turret. Fury increases soldiers’ ATK and movement speed, but decreases their HP. You’ve learned the basic skills of spells. Now, you can cast spells and defeat the evil shadow boss.

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