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- Elthara, my most trusted scout. What have you found?
- At last, i believe there is new light, dimension Wizard. There may yet be hope. i have found another!
- Another? Surely there is only one in the realm that commands the flow of time.
- They are but a child in the ways of war, but whispers say they have this power. they reside far from Figaro, away from the gaze of the Fallen one.
- Then we must wait, and observe, until their power grows. until, at long last, we see the return of the wizard's Wheel!

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Figaro's tavern - tap here to find some heroes to get you started. here you'll find visiting heroes to either recruit or add as temporary guests. Select a hero, and don't worry - you'll be able to choose from many others in due time. Party members - this panel displays detail about this hero's stats (strength, vitality, intelligence, spirit, agility, charm and luck), skills and equipment. When you're ready, tap the "recruit" button.

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Let's get hero into some action. Later, you'll want to construct buildings, and manage your heroes. For now, let's tap the map. This is where i let you do your thing! Tap the area to leave town, and begin adventuring. In wizard's wheel, you battle with your selected party until defeated, or until the zone is cleared. Your acquired loot will be displayed on the left. At the end of the run, your heroes will gain experience points, and you will have earned gold, treasure, and other resources.

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Tap the auto button (right panel) to switch from manual play to auto battle. While on auto, your heroes will use their designated A.I. to perform actions on their own. Tap the boost wheel 9bottom right) to temporarily increase your auto battle speed. You can tap the extended tabs of any of the display panels in order to hide them, and better view the action. Your party will perish - but do not fret! They will maintain their experience and gear, and will be stronger for each successive run. You may tap the escape button 9top right) twice in order to end a run prematurely.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: as you adventure, you'll earn more resources. Spend them as you wish for buildings, new heroes and upgrades. Later, you'll earn time mana and the ability to time warp. Collect as many heroes as you can. Each one grants permanent, global stat upgrades. This realm count on you! Feeling stuck? Try a time warp, once unlocked, and upgrade with some new statues. Some weapons deal damage based on stats other than strength. Try different combinations.

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