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Wolves of Desert Game characters: warriors -are the assaulters on the battlefield. With the machetes in their hands, they defeat the enemy with the strong power and excellent melee combat skills. They are experts in thunder charge, frostblade storm and ancestral possession.
Demon hunter - exorcists are terminator of hell creatures. They use the magic bow and sharp arrows, as well as the mysterious spells to slay in battles. They are experts in charge shot, ice arrow, and psionic guardian!
Mage - are the masters of all creatures, they control the powerful flying demon, and they are invincible on the battlefield with their buff! They are experts in summoning flying demon, tarsal burn, and wild awakening.

Wolves of Desert hack

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You are finally here, brave adventurer! The world is in a crisis, invaders everywhere! We need your help. Rings: blast - increase attack speed of all skills. Bloodsucking - converts 1% of damage dealt with self HP. Giant force - attack deals 100 damage. God beast - when summoning the flying demon, there is a chance to summon two. Phoenix - immediately revives after death, restoring HP and MP.
During your growth, you need powerful skills in addition to your own efforts. Maybe you don’t realize that you have gained new power, that can change the world. Obtain 1 skill point on every 5 levels. The higher the skill level, the stronger the skill.

Wolves of Desert cheats, hack codes

I want diamonds: buy - get 2x gems from first purchase of the day. Monthly card - get crystals galore every day. Arena - the higher the arena rank, the more diamond rewards. I want to level up - Cultivation mystery: exp booster+high level stages= best way to level up. Guild hall - complete guild hall bounties to earn a large amount of EXP. Escort supplies - participate in 10 escorts each day to earn massive amount of experience. Blood fortress - participate in 3 blood fortresses each day to earn a large amount of EXP. Complete quests with 5 stars. You can fill up your inventory with equipment every 2 hours on average.
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Glory tower - the higher the level reaches in the glory tower, the more refining stones you earn per hour. Stage boss sweep - sweep all available bosses each day to get loads of equipment.
I want equipment: hack discount packs to get golden equipment. Mystery store - high quality equipment is guaranteed and there is a high chance for golden gear. Reputation - buy rank badges form the mall to earn 3000 reputation.

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