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The Word Maze redeem codes

There once was a very curious and mischievous goat. All day long it watched humans thrive around it, and wondered what made them so special. One day the goat overhead a human conversation, and four intriguing words stood out to it. Prey, free, rise and love. Even though the contexts of all these words were different, they were all paired with the same word. Fall - and its meaning changed each time. Animals fall prey. Skydivers free fall. nations rise and fall. People fall in love. This was their secret! Humans used context the create weaning in language and thrive in the animal kingdom.
The mischievous goat wanted the human’s secret for itself, so it scrambled all their words. Stole their contexts, and ran into a gigantic maze.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): The magic Gazer will be your best friend along your way to track down the goat. Remember that its power will shorten your journey as you seek out the Ruminant path. Collect 80 coins for every insane puzzle you solve. Get 17,000 coins for 5 medals awarded on milestone completion.
cheat, Step #2: Earn 75,000 coins and 15 honor badges as you complete Dream paths. To find dream paths, reach out to the genie. Make your wish and collect up to 15 diamond chests.
Reveal up to 6 words or phrases that relate to the puzzle’s answer. The first two hints on each puzzle are free, but after that they cost you 15 coins.
The Word Maze code, Step #3: Go to utilities and switch On the tutorial mode if you wish to read this instruction page again.
Lamp portal - the Genie of the Lamp will transport you to a dream path of your choice. Completing a dream path challenge will reward you with an honor badge and 5,000 coins.
Step #4: Answer: get a short list of solutions to upcoming puzzles in your path. The answer to your current puzzle may be on the list.
Crystal gazer - these powerful crystals let you take a glimpse into the future to reveal which letters are correctly placed within the puzzle.

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