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Kristoff and Zagnar joined the dragon hunting squad and set out on the way to save the dragons. Demon Troops raid a terran village to find the clues of the squad. This was once a world of Celestials and Dragons. The first Age began when ethereal beings called the Celestials sang the realms into existence. Nature in all its splendor bloomed. Abundant flora and fauna, teeming with color, vibrancy and life, filled all the realms, spreading across rivers, mountains, deserts, and seas. The rulers at the time were the dragons - majestic, imperial, and fettered by none. But in what has come to be known as The Great Betrayal, the Demon Kong slaughtered the Human aristocracy during their Coronation, thus cementing their eternal hatred ever since. Humans would never make such a mistake again, too.

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Maluk - Enters a frenzied state, inflicting 155% damage to the enemy and increasing 25% damage to monsters for 4 seconds. Castle - Castle is the core of your City. Upgrading the Castle will increase your power. Market - Goblin Traders is now in charge of the Market. They can help you transport resources to your allies. Upgrading the Market will provide better transportations at a lower price. You can assign Heroes to garrison your City on the Wall to defend enemies' attack. Upgrading the Wall enhances Wall Defense.

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