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Free hack World of Koda cheats code list - resources, speed up, heroes, promo ticket, gold, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. World of Koda cheat world: all kinds of strange creatures populate the wild and mysterious land of Koda. An ancient dinosaur tribe, a forest - dwelling matriarchal clan, a timeless riverside people, the mutated blueborns and the Kodans, our protagonists. Our great story takes place here. It is a story of plundering and surviving, of victory and defeat...

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Welcome to the wild and wondrous land of Koda! As the leader of the Koda clan, you need to build and safeguard our beautiful home. Armies of blueborn warriors have invaded the mainland and are trying to destroy us! We need some seaswine cannon defenses now! We can’t just sit here and wait for them to attack again. Let’s train some troops for a counter assault!

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First we need to build barracks. Tap or hold an a unit to start training your army. Nice, these warriors can ride Zeebos into battle against our foes. They do love a drink, but it doesn’t appear to affect their fighting ability. Let’s launch our counter attack against the blueborn giants! This was just a sma;; wave of blueborns, to take on more enemies. We need to expand our tribe and train stronger troops.

World of Koda wiki
Appo plains - the most peaceful and fertile place in all of Koda. Split through the middle by Gula valley and covered with wild forests, it is the ideal place for civilization to flourish, it takes its name from Gula’s wife Appo, the greatest priest in history. She taught people to identity plants and make leather. To this day, she is a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

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  • Koda land - challenge creatures hunt for treasure, join event, battle other players.
  • We need more workers so that we can expand faster. Let's build them a worker's Hut!
  • Of course, we're going to need wood for the expansion. Build a sawmill so we can start producing wood.
  • Now let's build depots so we can store more resources.
  • Upgrade the town hall to unlock new functional and defense buildings! This will massively increase our battle strength.

World of Koda tips
    Tutorial World of Koda(wiki):
  • Base - this is the tribe's core building! Place the town hall in the center of your village and surround it with walls, troops and other defenses. Upgrade the town hall to increase building level cops and unlock new structures.
  • The most important of the new buildings is the hero statue! Build one to recruit heroes for battle against the blueborn Giants!
  • The Koda map and favorites functions are great tools to help you navigate. Koda land packed with surprises and new challenges!

World of Koda tutorial

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