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World of the Decayed cheat world: listen to me if you want to live. Go grab hatchel, you're gonna need it. Now bust through that damaged wall. You'll need to use that cabin as your shelter. Drag the backpack into one of your bag slots. And take the food, it's just a G ration, but it's better than nothing. Next you should equip them. Tap the backpack in your bag slot. Now we have to get your communications up. Your handset won't be enough, so you're going to use that radio tower. But first, gather some resources tom make a pickaxe.

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When you don't know where to go to finish your objective, tap menu, and you will move there automatically. There are supplies for you by the airdrop. But your first supply pack has been airdropped to the wrong place. Take my bike and go to the pine woods to get it. Now you can try getting familiar with traveling. Tap the pine Woods. Your max HP increases while your pet is following you.

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Meet the new dominant species of this planet. Tap the crouch button to start sneaking up on it. Tap the attack button to attack while sneaking. Next we need to increase your chances of survival by finishing your shelter (tap the basic building category). You may have to cauterize your wounds to avoid infections. Remember, people are talking in the world. You can add friends in the world.

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A scourged walker has a certain shine to it. They will appear in supply run randomly. Plundering in steal mode is less dangerous but offers less loot. Secret bazar - a refitted bar with customized vending machines, serving as a place for traiding. Trade is made with items in your storage chest or your bag. While exploring insightron tower, you have to finish different objectives to gain access to the next floor.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Use the resonance booster to plunder a foe's camp for revenge. Tap hack button and take all to grab all the materials for building your own motobike. Later you can find the rest of the parts in nearby locations. Bring gas with you while riding a motobike to save energy for traveling. Sometimes you find strange codes made by arraging rocks on the ground. Achievemnt - you can claim your prize here. Finish more achievement to get more gold coins.

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Tutorial (wiki): make sure to forage in safe surroundings. When being plundered, kill the invader or keep the destruction rate lower than 60% to win. Putting food and medical items in your pocket enables quick use without opening your bag. The stronger you are, the tougher the horde invasion will be. Ammo materials are used for crafting all kinds of ammo.

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