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Cheat World of War Machines hack android, ios code

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Hack World of War Machines: cheat List
exclusive pack x10 - use hack nEyyrdt6B
gathering speed +100% - enter pass N7cLwl8BE
speed up - uHF9ozgnH
resources x1,000,000 - FSnhjxVRr
gold x10000 - 7H1O7RDxf
restore stamina - 7DSUk7Sbk
Month Card x1 code - iEZdBPWlO
upgrade cheat - 7kgaobtQd
daily gift bag x10 - 1iDE9Adqz
secret combination - 2Pbu0sCjh
level up - ScBUtyOSk
extra marching queue - BNW9pLXJP
Beginner bundle - iyHu2lASs
gems x1000 - cor311Q9d
Vip 15 status - TppZVCZvs
talent points x20 - 9zjyGOn0V
special reward - S9m6Xjcxg
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
It's 1938, and the world finds itself on the brink of war yet again. Europe is faced with the threat of a resurgent Germany under fascist leadership. Allies remain idle. The two sleeping giants, the soviets and America right after them, hasten their rearmament, building up their military might.
In 1939, the situation reaches a boiling point. Germany goes to eastward, demanding Poland to yield danzig. It takes one spark to ignite the european conflict once more. The battle rages on over land, sea and air. The British soldier on, engaging in a ruthless battle over the skies of England and the channel.
Mainland France fall to the unrelenting assault of German Blitzkrieg. Thus the world is now engulfed in Flames of war and it's yours to make history.
World of War Machines Hack Basics
We've no time to be in awe. Let's repair the buildings at once. Our scouts found enemy units. The clock's ticking. Looks like we got them fixed before they were goners. However, some structures are destroyed unfortunately. We should clean up this mess before we do anything. Buildings need to be connected to the roads in order to functions. We need more resources for a speedy recovery. Give us an order to construct an iron mine.
We have nothing to defend the base with. We need more troops now, or we are done for. Build barracks - unlocks new infantry units as the building level increases.
Hint & Tips
1. The main tank factory unlocks new light and medium tank units as the building level increases.
2. Speed up pack - helpful speed ups for construction, production, and repair.
3. Squad leader recruitment - recruit squad leaders, turn the tide of battles.
4. Find out who's the strongest event - increases power by building troops, upgrading buildings, upgrading equipment, and doing research.
World of War Machines Commander
Tenacious Hero - she led her unit to victory when the unit's commanding officer was KIA. She was promoted to commander for her valiant service. Artillery deals high damage.
Lion of the Field - he started from the bottom, but quickly rose through the ranks once his exceptional talent was noticed by mary. Medium tanks deal high damage.
Battle master - he comes from a special unit known for its extreme training, and continues the tradition by demanding the same from his unit for maximum combat capability. medium tanks deal high damage.
Natural leader - she found her talent in leadership when enlisted to help her husband. She quickly rose through the ranks to be commander after. Heavy tanks deal high damage.
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World of War Machines Redeem gift code
1. oX2mNYeOr2fHwII
2. qDgd8taBv11Dj0I
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date02 October 2020
Last Modified02 October 2020
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