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World on Fire Homeworld cheat world: commander, this base is yours. Let's familiartze ourselves with it. Build an encampment to strenthen your base. Encampment - train troops , upgrade to unlock different types of troops and faster troop recruitment time. Use free speed up to complete your building queue. Now we need some tanks to bolster our forces. Food is an important resource for the development of our base - build a farm to increase food output. Upgrade farm to increase the production and capacity. The command center is the most important building.

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Upgrading your command center is of paramount importance. Build hospital - is an essential building for healing your wounded soldiers. Upgrade to raise the max wounded limit and healing speed. There are lots of resources scattered outside your base. Dispatch troops to collect resources and convert into supplies. Base - upgrade its exterior by leveling up the level of your base and send troops to collect some resources. Remember, troops take some time to bring materials collected back to base. Build a military hall to rally troops and undertake a military campaign. Rally other members to come and help you fight against powerful enemies before time runs out - otherwise you'll be fighting against them all alone.

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Recommended quests guide us and help us know which quests can help develop our base better. You'll gain skill points every time you raise your commander level. Skill points can be used here. Tap different tabs to switch between different development skills to learn. You can pick your favorites. Encampment must be level 4 to unlock the following soldiers. Radar - shows the destination of armies marching towards you. Upgrade radar station to level 2 to enabel the following effect. Erect an army banner to increase your base's defense footprint. The larger your defense zone, the more benefits each member gains. Super mines within each defense zone generate bonus resources and more gain members.

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Tech center- core of a base. Research tech to increase your power. Join an army for the first time to wint this ( the following privileges are available for joining an army): 1. Super mines in army defense zones farm large volumes of resources quickly. 2. Chance to earn bonus rewards from attacking defense zone rebels. 3 Get +10% speed boost when collecting defense zone resources. 4.Earn defense zone rewards daily based on the size of the defense zone. Before launching into combat, it's best to scout out intel to decide on the best military strategy. Upgrade your radar station as much as you can to understand more details about your enemies. Dispatch troops before combat finishes to help out army members in combat.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you got an item to increase your construction queue! Use it to build another building simultaneously. Advanced construct - opens additional 1 construction queue(s) for 1 day. When depot reaches level 8, the resource sale function is unlocked. Upgrade your encampment level to unlock more powerful troops to help increase your battle rating.World map intro: collect resources, attack rebels, attack enemies, defense zone, rally attack, army help. Resource points are scattered throughout the land. The higher their level, the more resources they contain. Secret ruins must be explored alongside other army members.

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