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Welcome to new adventure, hero! This is a living world, where action happens even when you are offline. A quest is available nearby! Travel to it by tapping on the map and see what it says: “good thing the cows didn’t wake you. They have been mooing loudly all morning, they sound pretty scared. I feel it in my bones, something mysterious is going on at the farm. Go talk with Sharlene, she’s probably at her farm down South.”

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Your hero will need to travel to different areas to complete quests. Travel to the farmstead to complete the first one! Hero screen -where you can access your bags and equip equipment which can increase the hero’s stats. Combat is always ongoing, even when you are not playing actively. Soon you’ll be able to pick new skills.
Keep fighting until the job is done! The quest will always tell you where to go!

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Flame weaver - for generations the flame weavers have tamed their enemies through an inferno of magic. With their ability to summon fire they create explosions and ignite energies in others, making them extremely dangerous in combat. While they look human, there is a demonic spirit feeding the Flame weaver with great powers. Can use staffs, swords, daggers and maces.
Savage - once banished by the humans, the savage have grown powerful in the shadows. They are outcasts who despite their wild outlook are very wise. When threatened in combat the savage use their powerful claws and big stature to crush their enemies, while also being brave and protective of allies in combat. Can use axes, maces, swords and guns.
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The night hunter - originates from the forests of Dalnera, where the ELves have protected its magic beings for centuries. In doing so they got blessed by the moon Goddess, imbuing them with lunar magic. With their survival skills and arcane affictions they are great champions, using beats and magic to defeat their enemies. Can use bows, guns, swords and daggers.

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  • Chat - while using it, we expect you to be nice to others and follow our rules described in our terms of servise. Please note that violations to our terms can lead to a permanent ban.
  • This is an idle MMORPG where your hero is constantly fighting, even when you are offline! When you return to the game, enjoy the equipment you've found and the XP gained.

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Description: choose your hero, adventure awaits, gear up for battle, play with friends, use hack cheats codes and fight epic bosses. Your hero is constantly fighting and looting equipment in this huge world – even while you are away. Whenever you open the game you will have new equipment, new world monsters, and new world quests to complete! There is no better feeling than returning to World Quest!
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