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Free hack World War Arena cheats code list - speed up, unlock cards, energy, promo ticket, crates, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. World War Arena cheat world: pleasure to meet you, commander! Welcome to your basic training session. I’m the field training instructor, lieutenant cheat-on. Left building is your HQ. If this HQ gets destroyed, you lose the battle. Swipe the screen to the left. This is the opponent’s HQ. You win by destroying this HQ. I’ll be your opponent during your training. Shall we deploy some units? These 6 units shown below are your units.

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You need ammo points to deploy units. Each unit needs different amounts of ammo points, so keep that in mind. Select the riflemen unit and deploy unit on the battlefield. Good, now we need some units for support. Select the grenader. Well done! The next wave will automatically start when the wave gauge down below runs out, and the deployed units will advance.

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You need to observe the battle situation, and deploy the units for the next wave. In a situation like this, you need a unit that can handle the enemy’s attack. Mobile shield can do the job. I’ll show you something more powerful than a grenadier. Shall we use a light tank instead? There are not enough ammo points to replace the grenadier with a light tank right away. Let’s cancel the deployment or hack cheat code to get some ammo points back.

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Selecting an empty tile will cancel the selected unit. If there is no selected unit, deployment can be canceled by tapping the deployed unit. We got ammo points back. Let’s deploy a light tank unit. Receive the loot you just won and strengthen your force. Military crate - win the battle to get. Morale boost crate - can use after completing the training. Congratulations, commander! You’ve completed the basic training. When you’re ready for war, press the battle button to start the battle.

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